Double chest of cobble [Buying]

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  1. Im on smp6, 12361. Im in need of a double chest of cobble. Maybe more. Im looking to spend about 600-900 rupees per chest. Negotiatable. Can anyone help me out please?
  2. I'd say 600-900 is NOT a good price!
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  3. It is um... cobble...
  4. Cobble is *cough* 1152r in /shop for a stack *cough*
  5. 1152r in what shop? In the EMPIRE shop. Im looking for NORMAL cobble sold by players. NOT from the empire shop.
  6. *Gives cvbn490 evil look* :cool:
  7. BTW i say like 1k for a double chest....
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  8. Have you got a double chest? Ill happily pay u a grand for it. [Suggesting it's FULL of cobble]
  9. 54 stacks at like 20r per stack isn't bad.
  10. I do, but EMC isnt working ATM for me
  11. I am in DESPERATE need of cobble, Please can people get it for me????
    Go to my res [/v cvbn490] and look at what im building. it's gonna be to the bedrock ceiling made of ENTIRELY cobble [Little wood for the doors and torches but I can manage]
  12. GO on SMP1
    shop 1783 i got a few dbl chests
  13. Or go to the wild!
  14. True! You will need like 6 diamond picks for a double chest full of cobble!
  15. Im on SMP1 and ur ignoring me
  16. The empire shop is supposed to be expensive to encourage new players to start their own shop and balance the economy.
  17. Ik hehehe
  18. So does anyone have cobble?
  19. I am on SMP6 and I have recently been digging up a ton of cobble. I have two full double chests of cobble and I would be willing to sell them to you for 1000r each. Message me and we can arrange a transaction.

    I can also mine more if you need it.
  20. 12243, Ill be there.