Double Cave spider 3 blocks from eachother

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  1. Il take the double spider, and please turn it to grinders.
  2. Whatya want for spider/skele grinder?
  3. Ok, 20k built is a deal, ill be on in about 5 hours to post picks of the double and the skeleton/spider.
    The skeleton spider one is built already, so 15k.
  4. What time zones do you two play in and what time will you be on?
  5. above is the spider/skeleton grinder already built for 15k, there is also a single spider one 40 blocks away if you wanted to turn it into a loot grinder... call it 17k for the 3
  6. the double to be built, 3 blocks away as posted
  7. [quote="Lifegrind, post: 463649]snip[/quote]
    I noticed that you looked up how to take a screen shot and used Paint. You can also take a screenshot within Minecraft using F2. If you don't want your HUD to show, press F1 to toggle it on/off.
  8. thank for the heads up, ill keep that in mind
  9. And finished, for anyone else who would like for me to build any type of spawner, hit me up in game, smp9, im currently in Hawaii time zone till i get deployed to Saudi Arabia. 5k build for same room spawners, add 2k for spawners outside of 9 blocks of eachother, ill build it. complete.png
  10. this item is still for sale and has been reposted, reply if interested