Dota 2; and other mobas

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  1. Does anyone else on EMC play dota 2, or any other mobas like LoL or Smite

    I always play Phantom Assassin in dota.
  2. I stay away from Dota and Lol because of the high learning curves and toxic communities. I did once play Smite and man I loved that game, but now I play the Moba Heroes of the Storm.
  3. The stereotype of there being a really toxic community and lots of Russians isn't actually true. I've only had one bad experience when I was somehow paired up with a bunch of salty Russians going 0 15 and yelling at me, telling everyone to report me because I was doing good or something, just a bunch of Russian and yelling. The English they spoke was 100% swear words. There isn't really a huge learning curve, I picked it up great and after like 3 matches I was doing great. Start off with an easy hero like Phantom Assassin.
  4. Everything I've heard of the game is either terrible reviews of the community from multiple people or how well made it is. Now I can play a nicely made but when tons of people say that the community is toxic then it doesn't exactly make me want to play it. Some games you can avoid and ignore the whole toxic part like in Minecraft, which is also labeled an extremely toxic community, but in Mobas you really gotta communicate with your team.
  5. As someone who has played League of Legends for almost 6 years I can say that about 85% of the people you meet in game will either A. Do bad then yell at their team mates. B. Rage about something then feed and do A. or C. Leave the game or play competitive games with horrible connection.

    The community of League it 100x more toxic than it was 6 years ago. Which is why I rarely ever play it anymore. If you do play a MOBA then I highly recommend Heroes of the Storm. The way it's set up makes it to where no one player can feed an enemy team to the point that you automatically lose the game. If you are behind in exp, then the game gives you a boost to help you catch up. I play this game quite often with friends.
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  6. How many hours do you have in DotA?
  7. I play Smite and wrek' people as Skadi.
    nuff said
  8. I play LoL a lot with my friends. I'm Silver IV at the moment, and I mainly play Sona, Soraka, and Thresh.