Don't push me!

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  1. A polite reminder to all players,

    In minecraft, don't push people around. Don't stand right "in their face", don't jump at them and poke them to see if they're awake. Walk around people, not through them.

    It is plain rude.

    It is mentioned in Commandments and Guidelines,

    "Be aware of personal space. Even though this is a game and your avatar is not you, your avatar still has a personal space as it can be pushed and jostled, and other people can obscure your vision if they get too close. Be polite and don’t run into people or get in their face unnecessarily, just like in real life."

    "Don't push me."

    Thanks for reading.
  2. describes what happened
  3. Don't push me cause I'm close to the edge! I'm trying not to lose my head!
    You tell them Herb! (also 1000th post!!! :D)
  4. I know, right? It's like a jungle sometimes, it makes me wonder how I keep from going under.
  5. Hey, I like that song, it's on DJ Hero on the XBOX 360. The remix they do on that game is epic!
  6. For those of you who don't get the reference (younger people?) and maybe think we've gone mad,



  7. first link is disabled might be some copyright issues try a different up-loader for it
  8. i figured you were trying to take a picture or something and someone kept on pushing you and jumping in your way i wasn't figuring it was a reference to Rambo thought it was just a "figure of speech"[/quote]
  9. It is a copyright-thing, yes. Notice the link, "Watch on YouTube" - that works.
  10. There's a serious point, sure; I'm sick of people jumping into my face. Earlier, I /ignored someone for it, and they think I was over-reacting; but it was the 4th time today when I was on the phone/writing an email so AFK for a few mins, and someone jumped into my face repeatedly. It annoys me.

    As, while I typed this, another person jumped at me and pushed me into a teleport.


    The "Rambo" was a way of trying to lighten the tone of my post; but it is a very real request. It annoys the bejesus out of me, when people are so rude.
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  11. I personally love going afk and then seeing someone push me around my res/other's res'. It's quite amusing to see where I end up ^_^
  12. I always used to push D1223M into random and obscure spots when he went AFK. Once took him from his residence next to spawn into a chicken farm. XD
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  13. Well... just please understand that some people find it very rude, and very annoying.

    If you know someone very well, and you're having a laugh with it, then yes - fine.

    Every day people prod/push/jump at me in my shop; usually I just step back a bit. Sometimes they follow me around, pushing and poking me. It annoys me.

    But, anyway, I've said what I wanted to say; I won't go on about it; I'll politely ask people not to push me, and if they keep doing it I'll ignore 'em and set -move.
  14. Frankly, If you don't like it, Logout until 1.3
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  15. What has 1.3 got to do with this?
  16. Starting 1.3, you can't push people.
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  17. I just realised. There was people on reddit complaining about this so they added it back in and made it easier to push people around.
  18. Well, that's a turn of events. Herb, if you don't like it then just stick it as your res enter message or something. You've said what you'd do if someone pushes you, so just do it. Telling the whole of EMC you hate it is quite frankly unneeded.
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  19. Frankly, I see no problem with it. If you don't like it then either log out when you go AFK or endure the 10 blocks you've moved.
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