Don't know what to build on my res!

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  1. Okay, So I might of made one of these a while back, but I didn't want to bump it so I thought I'd make a new thread. So I know you probably see these threads a lot and people are just like 'build a house or shop' but with my builds I like to do something different or unique, however I suck at creative idea's and thinking of things to build, So if you have a sensible suggestion please reply!
    Current Suggestions:-
    a tree farm taking up the entirety of your residence- 72Volt
  2. Build a tree farm taking up the entirety of your residence.
  3. Bump? Any more suggestions?
  4. a waterpark
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  5. Build: ME! :D

    On a more serious note, go with bitemenow or a spa
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  6. A nice park/garden.
  7. A castle, complete with a moat,bedroom,dinning room (no point of that :p),pool, guard tower, and a catpult on top at the highest point in the castle (load the catapult with sand).
  8. how about..... a replica of the ender dragon with fire it breathing fire! make it out of wool.;)
  9. Build a huge sculpture of your favorite staff member.
    Make a water park.
    Construct a grand castle.
    Maybe you could build a few little villages, and a large forest with a pond in it? (Would only work on Utopia though, because of a lack of space on the other servers)
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  10. Unfortunately, I'm rubbish at wool art lol.
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  11. A gigantic skeleton dragon breathing lava
  12. The last one sounds very cool, although the res this is for is my alts (welshgamer) who is not a supporter, also sorry for the double post on my phone now :p
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  13. Hey, would you look at that! We telepathically sent a message to suggest a castle. :rolleyes:
  14. Build the Neuschwanstein castle! :)
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  15. Word.