Donations Needed for my event!!

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  1. Hi guys!! Today, I decided to tell you something! So, I'm hosting a horse race event next Saturday. I don't want rupees, but I want item donations for the winners!! You can either go to utopia, do /v 5910 and put it in the donation box, orrrrrr, you can mail to me! You have to tittle it "Horse Race Event Donation" though if you'd like to see your donation be a winner's prize. Anyways, Thanks EMC! I hope you donate!

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  2. Didn't you say you wanted to stop saying Hi guys!! Today, I decided to tell you something! So, ........ (Still some grammar mistakes)
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  3. Yes but I'm an idiot so I won't.
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  4. Hey Bayymaxx, I see you posted your event here...

    You mentioned donations in that thread too so you don't really need this thread, and it could be considered begging for donations, so please be careful as that is against the rules. Hope your event goes well, all the best. :)
  5. Thanks for the reminder :)
  6. No problem - just be careful please, thank you :)
  7. Other people have mentioned this on your various threads that you have posted just today. I seem to recall that this topic was also discussed the other day on another thread of yours. I'm starting to see a pattern. There's nothing wrong with posting threads, Bayymaxx, but I believe that these threads should have a relevant topic. Also, I feel like the fact that the topic of your threads tend to repeat themselves leans of the side of "spammy." Please try to keep these things in mind.