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  1. This is not the official post for my upcoming event, but I will give you a few spoilers:

    1. This Event will be held before August 25th.
    2. The grand prize will be a payout of 1 million rupees minimum, plus any extra donated items I was unable to sell. ALL proceeds will go to the winners.
    3. This Event will take around an hour to complete.
    4. It will be seriously fun, and AMAZING.

    ....More info to come. I wanted to get the donations flowing now to make the grand prize as large as possible. I have set up donation chests at /v eviltoade SMP1. Please only donate things such as promos, ores, beacons, staff heads or anything else you think that may actually be sold.

    If you would like to make a rupee donation please /pay eviltoade with the note at the end EVIL-EVENT, so that I know it was for the event, and I can also give you credit. You may also post in the comments how much you donated as well.

    Thank you EMC Community! I couldn't ask for a better group of people...

  2. *Reserved for Community (Rupee) Donators

    EDIT: I'm so excited, the target goal of 1 million rupees has already been met, however, donations are still be accepted!

    EMC Society (Olaf_C)
  3. Only eviltoades can make these type of fun events... will check calendar for sure! :D
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  4. I won't be able to make it. Good luck to those competing, though.
  5. Toade is this the event we discussed on CoC?
  6. Dr, this event will not be held ON the 25th, but BEFORE the 25th. Will you not be in game for the next like 50 days? :p

    Also, the specifics of this Event has yet to be discussed with anyone anywhere. :)

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  7. I actually won't. I'm leaving for vacation on the 2nd. (August)

    I'll throw in Seffy's head. :p
  8. Hmmm, well I may just have to hold the event before then; hopefully I can get all the rupees together before then. :)
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  9. This sounds like it'll be amazing. I hope I can make it! Now to think of an awesome donation...
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  10. Hmm..... *Gets really curious*
  11. If you are trying to do it before 2 August, two other Days dont really matter right? :p leasing on 31 July xD
    I'll see what I can donate :)
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  12. Are you asking us to donate?
  13. Yes. If you want. There are chests set up at /v eviltoade on smp1, and you can also make a rupee donation. Thanks so much! :D
  14. I have donated 192k to the event. I hope all goes well!
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  15. Yeah Caden's donation gets me really close to the million. :) Thanks you crazy awesome caden.
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  16. I mean i would donate but i dont know what im donating for =P
  17. When I get home from my trip I will donate some ores.
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  18. I will make my official post soon. :)
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  19. Hope I will be able to come! I'll donate some rupees though! :D
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