Dome 1 (part of the Atlantis Outpost)

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  1. Screenshots of the recently finished Dome #1 of the Atlantis outpost
    Diameter: 60 Blocks
    Height: 30 Blocks
    Over 2 DCs of glass used for construction
    Edit: Part 2 Finished!
    Part 2 Screenshots:

    Old part 1 screenshots:

    Rail station leading from Main Hub

  2. If people suggest it, I will make an entire gallery of screenshots from the entire Atlantis Outpost.
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  3. Looks good :)
  4. Awesome dome-thing. ;)
  5. Currently working on part 2 of the project, will update when finished
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  6. Looks really great. Love your use of colours with the lava contrasts.
  7. Thanks for all the positive support! And I am happy to say that part 2 of this project is 75% done!
  8. Looks really good! Where is it?
  9. This is epic! u should build like an entire city of em!
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  10. Somewhere in the SMP4 Frontier, can't give coordinates for obvious reasons.
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  11. Part 2 Finished! Read above
  12. Well that's good. I live in smp4
  13. texture pack = <3
  14. That looks great.. Now that I see a dome like that I want to put one in my outpost :3
  15. This... is just totally awesome!

    Ever since I started playing Minecraft I've become a huge fan for (under) water based builds. Often builds which were a little submerged in the water (like houses) or had something underwater (so a room with a glass ceiling under a river). But you seem to have taken that concept into a whole new direction, and I have to say that it looks very impressive!

    Needless to say but I'm almost drooling when I look at those underwater rooms :)

    Thanks for sharing, this looks totally amazing!
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  16. That was shaders XD
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