Doing Freelance Work

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  1. If anyone needs any jobs done, I'm your gentleman.
    I plan to rotate between working on my outpost, working on my shop, and doing 2 different jobs for anyone who wants them.
    The two people who can promise me the highest pay per day get the job.

    Let the demands commence.

    Slot 1: Nfell2009
    Slot 2: Qwerty189
  2. Me! I want lots of things restocking at 9139. You will be paid what we think for each product and will be left orders on the upcoming website.
  3. i will pay you 1r to do nfells work xD
  4. If he doesn't we will lava wall him >.>
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  5. Also!
    Im hiring loads of people! To stock stone, wood and more! Just PM me!
  6. I need tons of gold. all that you can find. I will pay 1r a nugget, 11r an ingot, and 100r a block.
    Also, if you want ot do this on your own, go ahead. I will be buying at 1254.