Doing Cobblestone orders on smp9 lot to pick up: 19107 or 19246

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  1. For all you cobblestone fans just ask me for cobble and ill get you some cobblestone, minimum amount of stacks i can do is 1-20 stacks of cobble, if you would like cobble, please message me on this and i wil process your order, 3 stacks is 40r
  2. 18 stacks please that means 240r
  3. Quote this post when it is ready
  4. its ready now, pay 240r on smp9 and lot number 19246 and ill give you access to the chest
  5. Rupees payed
  6. k go to smp9 lot #19246 access to the chest, thanks for ordering!
  7. I would like 20 stacks for 270r, i been on later to pick it up
  8. ok it might take about a day or two for process, thanks
  9. I want 20 more stacks, 270 rupees, also I will pay you 20 extra rupees to deliver the goods to 1080 smp1 (All of my orders)
  10. Okie dokie, just reply back here to tell its done
  11. k pay 270r and ill add it and deliver it, thanks
  12. ill get it right now actually
  13. When you tp to 1080 drop down, there are chests, the one with the sand holding up the sign is for you.
  14. k thanks when i get the 20 stacks ill deliver
  15. In your spare time would you want to start on a bulk order? Or do you want me to order 20 stacks at a time?
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  16. can you do me 20 double chests full?
  17. 18 more stacks same place please.
  18. i cant do 20 double chests but i can do 15 stacks :\ i need a break, im exhausted
  19. meh ill do that soon like 1 week
  20. 20 stacks for me please :) Whenever's good.