Dogs are scared?

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  1. I know this is most likely nothing but my dogs are currently under my desk shaking like there's no tomorrow and being scared. There is no TV on or anything happening inside or outside. There are no storms and I am a bit concerned of what they could possibly be scared of.
    They usually don't do this. What could be causing it?
  2. Dogs can predict stuff. Get under a table, or something, I predict an Earthquake
  3. Overreaction much?
    You dog may have heard a high pitched beep noise that you either can barely hear, or can't hear at all. Dogs aren't all that approving of beeps. When my smoke detectors have dead batteries, and it chirps, my dog the biggest wuss around. I suggest trying to distract him/her with a puppy video. Always works with my dog.
  4. You never know...
  5. *waits to hear breaking news about an earthquake*
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  6. He hasn't replied... I fear the worst...
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  7. dogs predicting serial killer
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  8. That's really not funny
  9. There's probably a bigger dog, or a rat or something and they've seen it and got scared.
    Or...DUNDUNDUN he's offline and this thread was made 30 minutes ago.
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  10. Most likely true. Dogs also have the tendency to foresee weather, like horses. It's an old joke in Tennessee.

    it could be a ghost.........
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  11. Pressure helps dogs when they're scared, It seems silly but they do sell things called thunder shirts that apply pressure to the dog and it really helps with dog anxiety over some things, When we groom dog at work we always have someone constantly petting and rubbing the dog to assure they are happy and safe. It really helps as a distraction. I would just try to get them to lay down and maybe put a blanket over them? Also if you crate your dogs put a blanket or towel over the crate to make it dark and put in an old t shirt or something that has your scent on it so they feel safe. \o3o/
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  12. Thunder shirts didn't work for my dog, best thing to do is give them some love and attention an get their minds off whatever is bothering them.
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  13. I know they helped my dog when we first got her when she was afraid, But fair enough that they dont work for every single dog
  14. I thought this was kind've funny :p
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  15. Have you tried turning them off then back on again?
  16. Turning your dogs off?
  17. (Joke)
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  18. Ah i see my lack of peripheral version to inform my intelligent mind that this was a joke, failed me. hehe.
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  19. In le sig
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