Does this design work on EMC?

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  1. It is design 3 ( 3: 25 )

    I am only asking if this design works because I have heard it sometimes isn't friendly with smp servers. If anyone has used this design on EMC please let me know how it went.
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  2. These designs are easy to build and test, so I say try it.
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  3. 2015-03-08_10.47.24.png 2015-03-08_10.47.29.png 2015-03-08_10.47.39.png 2015-03-08_10.47.44.png

    If anyone can tell me a better layout for this thing (we need mass storage lol), I will pay for screenshots of a better layout for this mass storage/item elevator.

    I used this Item Elevator (if there is a better one let me know):

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  4. that item elevator works great on emc I am on smp2 and have been using one for a while now. you dont need all the blocks that are in that youtube design, all you need is one block with redstone torch on top and repeat that as high as you need. that turned on and off with the comparator clock on the bottom dropper. message me in game if you want to see what i am saying sorry i am not good at explaining it :p


    [edit] sorry i am talking about the first design on the video you posted.
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  5. I cant view ur link right now, but I'm assuming its the glass and ice 'test' elevator? I built two in town which didn't work, and have seen one in the wild at a farm, sadly also not working. Not sure if its the server, or 1.7, or something else entirely. Im going to keep an eye on the thread tho, in case anyone else gets one to work.
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  6. I haven't used the exact same Redstone designs that you've linked to, but I've tried several variations. My experience is that if I potentially have a lot of items hitting the dropper at the bottom that drives the clock, it eventually gets stuck with items jammed up in it and the clock stops working.

    The one I've worked with the most loops the Comparator output back on itself to form the clock signal. I think when the Redstone glitches a bit the timing goes bad and you get an item stuck, then two, then three... until the Dropper is so full it changes the side input value on the Comparator that drives the timer.

    What I have been doing to get around the problem is to separate the clock from the input. With the timer working independently of the input from the Comparator, the input is still there if the timer stops. When it recovers it starts driving the Dropper stack again because the input is still on.

    Specifically, I run the output from the bottom Dropper's Comparator into a Torch to invert it, then use that signal to enable/disable a two Hopper clock with one item in it. As long as at least one item is in the bottom Dropper of the stack, the whole stack toggles and items move up. Once the bottom Dropper is empty, it shuts off the timer by powering one of the timer's Hoppers.

    Depending on my application, I've also run an input to the clock to shut it off so that the Chest I am feeding into won't fill up or I run a line to the Hoppers that are feeding the Dropper stack to shut them off. This causes the items in the Hoppers to back up, but keeps the Dropper stack clean with only one item per Dropper. If something like this isn't done, the Chest fills and then the items back up into the Dropper stack which is a hassle to clean up after.

    You could add additional circuitry to flush each level like in two of the linked examples. I haven't tried one of those yet. It would be interesting to try, but I don't think I would use one on a working farm. The timers on each level could fail just as easily as one on the bottom. I think I would prefer to keep it simple rather than add the complexity of all the extra Redstone and take the chance on having it fail at some later date due to lag or an update.

    If you are interested and want them I can take some screenshots or build an example somewhere. For that matter I could link schematics if you use Schematica.
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  7. large-picture-1819.png

    So I believe this is the design in question, If anyone's gotten one to work?
  8. Glass item elevators do work in EMC perfectly well, gets rid of all the red stone nonsense bringing an item upwards too.
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  9. I have never gotten one to work! Did you tweak the design any to make it work on the server?
  10. We will be building one soon. I will post back when it's done.
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  11. I'll have to check up on you with that, last time I interacted with it was a months ago. I don't remember I think I did any changes but possibly increase the size of the glass tube, or maybe position the water in a new location so the item speeds up for the upward boost.
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  12. If you're interested in looking at them in-game, I have several dropper towers for several different functions. Just come find me on smp1, and I'll show you what I have. For mass storage, I have one where every single dropper has a comparator on it to prevent most types of clogging. Instead/also you may want to limit the whole tower to one item per dropper at a time. Otherwise, if items that stack differently are mixed, most designs can clog.
    To answer your question though, that design should work on EMC. Without limiting it to one item at a time, though, it could eventually clog and require you to go pull some items out.
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