Does this constitute cheating?

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  1. I just have a question about what constitutes cheating and what does not.

    Anyway, as you know villagers sell items. There are also some rare items that are pretty cool. Is it okay to despawn a villager and respawn it using a stick it to get the better items. Is that considered cheating or simply a smart way of getting good villager items?
  2. Yes of course u can do that :)
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  3. Nope.. It's ok to dooooo...(I do it) ...
  4. Ok cool, thanks.
  5. tis a business of re-egging villagers for paper trades
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  6. Lets just say that if it was illegal, most of the EMC population would be banned :)
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  7. I do it. None of the staff has said anything bad about this, you are free to eggify and respawn as much as you please :)
  8. It's in the nature of the villager. The nature... of THE VILLAGER!
    (that should totally be a song in Regular Show.)
  9. It's only not acceptable if you do it while not playing minecraft
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  10. I really hope it isn't considered cheating... I do this all the time.
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  11. If they wern't allowed why would they add the eggify Stick. I do it all the time for emeralds
  12. This is fine to do.
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