Does the End Exist?

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  1. I tried searching on the forums but couldn't find the answer cuz my words were too small....

    Does the wilderness have strongholds with a portal to the end? I was hoping but was wondering since everything else has made up portals by the server, i.e. the nether.
  2. yea it does u have to find it i was the first to find smp6's but they dont have dragons:(
  3. Yes but they are extremely rare only 2 on each server apperantly use eye of Enders to find one.
  4. But atleast you can get endstone. Is it possible to see it via the live map?
  5. Hi there,

    Yes there are strongholds on each of the servers. Usually 3 per server.
    If you ask on the server, someone might be kind enough to give you the co-ordinates, but they tend to be quite secretive.
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  6. Actually there isn't a limit on End portals anymore. There are, theoretically, an infinite number of them per server.
  7. No they are invisible on live map and so are strongholds.
  8. How is that possible? infinite number?
  9. There's no reason to be secretive about it, there's nothing there worth taking. Lots of End Stone which is fairly worthless anyway.

    I did have a few co-ords before the Reset but alas, now I have none.

    Ask around, or better yet, someone could post it here and be a helpful soul. :)

    Because the MC worlld is infinite on the server.
  10. Well the map doesn't have a permanent stopping point. It continues as far as you travel and when you do that more of the strongholds have the potential to spawn in if that makes any sense
  11. I heard that only 3 spawn in a certain range all 120 degrees from each other.
  12. There are only 3 stongholds per world seed.
    Therefore only 3 End Portals.
  13. I just want the materials. I've always wanted to defeat a dragon which I never have but oh well.
  14. When strongholds were first introduced into the game there were only three or so per world, but in one of the updates (not sure which exactly) that was changed so that there is no limit on them
  15. The wiki page says different.
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  16. think about it if say 50 people wanted endstone and im the only 1 who has it i can determine the price which = mad $$$
  17. So it does. That must have been changed because at one point there were more than just three I thought
  18. Ok, well good to know. Hopefully I can find one. Are they visible from the live map? That would be nice. :)
  19. How often is the Reset? When was the last one? It would be good to know.