Does Tango Tek's Brewery Work On EMC?

Discussion in 'Empire Help & Support' started by ZombieSlayer010, Mar 15, 2014.

  1. So I FINALLY got done with my brewery, it's Tango Tek's design;

    I heard somebody saying it can't be built. It's in the wilderness, but I'm not done with the ingredients yet, so I really can't test myself. Would this work?
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    Also it works...

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  6. mine works, but not 100% its a bit glitchy
  7. How so?
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  8. every once in a while it puts 2 items in the brewing stand instead of one, causing it to shutdown
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  9. Aw. :( Is there a way to fix it?
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  10. Yeah everyone's has a glitch
  11. sadly ive been trying and have not found a solution
  12. I heard something about a redstone clock. I don't know how big of one or where to put it, since I have no idea how this thing works.
  13. mine works fine... except i get the same thing a bro... doesnt cause a hug problem cause it happens rarely
  14. I use a semi auto design that can be automated. Its a modification of GenerikB's that is SMP friendly.
    I could show anyone if there design is a bit buggy, I've got several of what I built running and they work great.
  15. It doesn't work at all for me.. It puts things in the wrong way, puts too much in, and has only worked once..
  16. umm... u might have set it up wrong.... when i had mine build i had someone who already had one built do it for me
  17. I'm not rebuilding it. It was skydiving into a volcano with no parachute to build that piece of crap.
  18. hire someone... lot of people are looking for jobs to do
  19. I'll do it. What sounds like a fair price?
  20. when i had mine built i paid 20k but people will probably do it for 10-15k if u supply the stuff