Does Apple take cash?

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  1. I will go to the USA and I wanted to buy an iPhone. I was wondering if they accepted cash for iPhones.

    Any clue?
  2. Well of course they do. In America cash is king. You got enough of it you can get whatever you want
  3. lol

    But yes, they should accept cash.
  4. Hmm, the Apple stores where I live do not accept cash, only Debit/Credit Cards. Though this is different in other places. Although you can buy them at Best Buy/Other Stores that accept Cash. Though its not like a one and done type thing. I bought mine at the Verizon Store under my plan. Best purchase I've made since it was a big step from my old dinosaur phone.
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  5. The thing is that I want it unlocked. I don't want any plans.

    Do you know if Apple Stores in NYC accept cash?
  6. Youre not from the US right?
    I live in NY and all apple stores here take cash.
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  7. Thanks

    Im from Argentina. Do you know how much is the VAT there?
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  8. VAT is tax? In new york state it's 8 cents for every dollar
  9. Ah ok.

    If I'm a foreigner do I get back the tax?
  10. Hmm, I think its actually a law that businesses HAVE to accept cash in brick and mortar stores?
  11. 8% VAT? Man that's good. Meanwhile 20% in the UK :p
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  12. Hmmm just be prepared to be questioned if it's counterfeit because sometimes dropping 200 dollars in cash is suspicious.
  13. Well, both countries have their downsides >_<
  14. Is it? I payed for my Xbox 360 a few years back in cash and wasn't given a second look. Now If I paid for it in solely $100 bills, that would be suspicious.
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  15. I guess that makes the difference...
    If you pay in tens or something that's different, but fifties, hundreds, or even twenties might be a bit.

    Hint - America does not have good cheap health care and prolonged hospital visits cost hundreds of thousands of dollars.
  16. I work in retail and do transactions up to about 5k and never have we looked at someone funny cause of paying in cash.
  17. Do you know if in the UK they give the VAT back to foreigners?
  18. I highly doubt it, VAT is applicable to everyone.
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  19. In New Jersey, Apple stores only accept puppies
  20. When I went to Italy and we bought a Nespresso coffee machine we got the VAT back from a TAx return office in the airport.

    Apple products are much more expensive there than the US, plus the VAT