Does Anyone play Black ops anymore?

Discussion in 'Gaming' started by Akam_Harcen, Apr 15, 2012.

  1. I always see CoD Fans loving either Mw2 or Mw3....What happened to all of the Black Ops players????:confused:
  2. i was one, but now there are too many hackers. i loved that multiplayer more than any other. i hate infinity ward. they ruin COD. treyarch at least gives a story that is ok, and has new, impressive inovations.
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  3. I still play Black Ops online. I never seemed to like the Infinity Ward Multiplayer style. Black Ops is the only CoD online game i can actually stand to play online, in fact, it seems like Black Ops is the only CoD i ever want to play online.
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  4. Gears of war 3 baby, thats where all the action is! ;)
  5. Well, yeah i am a GoW Fan, i have Gears of War 3, but that doesn't keep my attention like Black Ops does, i rather play Black Ops all day long then Gears of War 3, but i gotta say, Beast and Horde modes on Gear of War 3 are Awesome and fun to waste time on.
  6. I mean tho with all those more-than-a-year-old-games there is ONLY hackers playing...I ve seen a guy who hacked it so he had rainbow camo, created his own new prestige emblem, and had botomless-clip-rapid-fire-rpg... THATS why i dont play black ops anymore...MW3 FTW if u have xbox360 Im crickdawg on that too and my K/D is 1.5 xDDD
  7. Well, i have seen the rainbow camo before, but the RpG, no i haven't seen any Rigged Guns in my time playing.. I'm 15 Prestiged lvl 50, i played for a good bit, but i never seen a gun rigged like that...
  8. I have look it up on youtube theres a guy with a sticky crossbow running around in combat training or somethin and firing away 20 rounds a minute
    and it might be rare or something, but Im starting to see more and more mod menus on killcams...
  9. Combat Training is Different from 6v6 Team DeathMatch or Search and Destroy, If its in combat training leave the hacker to his own stuff, if you see it online in a game, Report him.
  10. :eek: wow i had no idea xD
    i just chose a wide variety xD i prefer being "I am the Sniper"
  11. I still play it on my xbox unlike the rest of the world i still enjoy it
  12. Thank you! This guy enjoys it still! i enjoy it more then Mw2 and Mw3.
  13. Do You play on Xbox360 or PS3
  14. i play on Xbox 360, i have life aswell.
  15. Same Here
  16. Sorry for my Grammar Error. But it seems like so many people hate Black Ops when i think its the best one out of thw MW games.
  17. The only shooter game I was ever any good at was probably GTA IV. I had a few good runs on the CoD series when I played it for a while, but I never went on for long enough to hone my skills. I don't really enjoy the CoD series so much because people tend to take it far too seriously and take all the fun out of it.
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  18. Well, thats how i feel when i get on Mw2 and Mw3, people on there are already too good for the people who get on it to try it out, which ruins the new comers to the game, i get on it and i am getting an negative K/D by the min....but when I'm on black ops, i can go 30 kills to 5 deaths....
  19. I imagine that's how the newcomers to black ops feel towards you, though. Works both ways.