Does anybody have an Iron farm (iron golem farm)?

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  1. If you have an iron golem farm that is public or private and I am allowed to come please PM me where it is and on what server it is on. I need iron real bad and I have mined a ton but I still need more. If the iron farm is on SMP9 or SMP7 please do not tell me about this.
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  2. why do you need all this iron for?
  3. you should not use an iron farm it ruins the game
  4. If you need a lot then build one and so far I have not seen them ruin the game they are part of it and are allowed
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  5. i dont mean it ruins it in a literal sense
  6. Ugh, I hate people like you that say that. It was added to the game for a reason. So what if people use it? They put in the work for it.
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  7. It's a free country (well many of them are anyway). You can choose not to have one.
  8. what IS an iron farm?
  9. Basically a bunch of towers, at most 3 levels, with villagers fooled into believing that they're in houses. They breed to the amount of houses and then when the amount is spawned, iron golems start popping in. Then they fall through a shaft, through small bits of lava draining their health. They end up in a chamber that has a piston in the middle. The player stands on a pressure pad and the piston pushes in and finishes off the golems, and the drops flow to them.
  10. Using a certain number of Villagers, it spawns Iron Golems and then kills them for for their Iron.
  11. I would be able to make u one when i start my farm making business!
  12. Can you create farms in town or only in the wilderness?
  13. Why not buying it? That's everyone doing, it would be kind of unfair begging for someone's iron farm. And annoying maybe.
  14. both, but my business is not started yet.
  15. There is one on Utopia, west of the, er, I think, west outpost. Can't remember now. :)
  16. But only supporter can go in utopia wild


    Iron golems only spawn in the wild except you build one with ironblocks and a pumpkin.
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  17. that is very true it says so in the guide