Doctor Who 'Listen' Discussion Thread

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  1. Spoilers!

    So far, Capaldi has shown us that he can be Serious, Funny, and now Scary. Listen has definitely gotten me scared and I have one main question.

    "The Silent Passenger" Are they really there or is The Doctor just scared of the dark?
  2. Well, reading up on Reddit I can confirm that 14 people have played The Doctor.
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  3. I thought it was only 13? Or are they including the doctor who thought he was The Doctor in the Christmas special with David Tennant and the big ass cyberman with the lady controlling it and the TARDIS in hot air balloon form?

  4. Well, we have the original 8 doctors.
    We then have The War Doctor which makes 9.
    Christoper, David, Matt, and Peter make 13. But where is the 14th?
    The Doctor as a wee child (around 200 years old) in bed, crying. He stands up and feels a hand grab his ankle. The little child is technically one of the 14 Doctors.
    14 doctors.
  5. or he's just a young william hartnell, the first generation =P
  6. In reality it is a lot more complicated if you get technical. Toby Jones was techincally the inner doctor, so he qualifies as one if you kind of force the idea. There is also Valeyard, who is supposed to be one of his darker sides.
  7. I am saying that 14 people have played The Doctor.

    The little boy is not William Hartnell (I don't think so at least), and he is technically playing The Doctor so 14 Doctors.
  8. Well technically there is Peter Cushing as well...
  9. oh and Richard Hurndall...
  10. Stahp
  11. lol, just saying you can't use the actors for counting the doctors =P
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  12. Stahp >_<

    Anyways, who was under the Rupert's covers?
  13. *tells krysyy to stop*
    *asks question*
  14. No love for real doctors. Or pigs. Or astronauts. Or doctor pig astronaut.

  15. I don't like Peter Capaldi all that much.
  16. The same person under your bed...
  17. I hate you so much.

    My desktop is in my bedroom and I now have my both of my feel on the desk.
  18. I am going to be honest, I think as a doctor he is supposed to be unlikeable. I think this season is supossed to be an emotional journey and peter will evolve into a good man.
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