Do you think EMC is the best server?

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Do I care about EMC?

Yes! I have voted! 84 vote(s) 94.4%
Yeah but... That other Guy will. 2 vote(s) 2.2%
No... I won't vote! 3 vote(s) 3.4%
  1. I believe that Empire Minecraft is the best Minecraft multiplayer server! That's why I strive to vote for EMC everyday!
    It's really depressing to see the Minecraft server list ranking list and see that EMC isn't number one because it desrves to be there! I also was voting yesterday on MineStatus and EMC was ranked at 25... This isn't really setting a good reputation for EMC because we have 30,000 + members and we dont have more than 5000 votes! If everyone on the empire just voted once one day on both of the voting services(Minestatus and Minecraft Server List) then we would be ranked number 1 for sure! This is why I am so dipressed because It's only a small percantage of players actually voting!

    Please vote for EMC to show how great it is and show your ,love for the server! It's not even thathard you click on the link type in your Minecraft name (IGN) fill out the captcha and you just got 100 free rupees!

    If you would like to vote for EMC click here and here or you can click here to go to your rupees section and click the links there click here. It would also be helpful if you could vote here although you won't receive a rupee bonus :(

    This is how we were ranked when this thread was posted:

    And this is how EMC is ranked now:

    (MineStatus is more accurate and up to date)

    Thanks for reading and considering helping the Empire.
  2. Thanks for taking the time to put the result. I will always vote from now on...
  3. Thanks to those who care but sadly it's not enough spread the word!
  4. Well the sad fact is that in life the other guy won't always do it :( so PiggzCanFly why not just spend two minuted voting for this amazing server and getting those 100r... seems like a good deal to me, what do you think?
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  5. I still hold the belief that we need to find Jeb, Notch, EvilSeph, and the other guys at Mojang, and have them come on over and take a looksie. I'm positive they will be impressed.
  6. I'll contact EvilSeph and ask him to come :)
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  7. EMC is a great server and what it does, it does it well. I wont bum lick though, it could be better if there were certain server-side mods in place to enhance the gameplay.

    However, it's a near-Vanilla server and as I say, what it does, it does very well. :)
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  8. Most of the servers that are rated highly on the server lists have designed their in-game economy around votes. You only get in-game currency when you vote on the lists. The rents on plugins such as Towny are then designed so that you cannot keep your stuff safe without voting most days to generate enough money to pay the taxes.

    I guess JustinGuy has thought hard about this. Personally, I find the whole paying tax thing to keep your stuff safe a big grind, which detracts from the playing experience. So I like the lack of tax on Empire.

    However, I don't see the harm in requiring non-supporters to have to go to those sites to get their rupees. Non-supporters aren't contributing cash to the server, the least they could do is add some votes to the server lists. Not sure if there's a cost associated with setting up the vote-link though.
  9. Exactly we just get a free ride and give nothing back so I say its time for everyone to stand up and give something back! I don't actually think that it costs the Empire money to get a vote link because I could just make a server for free and list it but the voting thing is 'votifier', I think it must be a plugin or something.
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  10. Tons of Likes for You :p
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  11. I keep looking for other servers but there are none so far that i like more than this one. lol i like this server so much that i got banned twice cuz i bought another minecraft account just to get back into this one and ill do it again :)
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  12. Great work guys just take alook at the results:

    Great improvement guys but I still believe we can do A-LOT better so vote, vote, vote!
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  13. Yes 22!!!!!!!! Keep em comin people we're getting there! Who wants to be number one?
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  14. I'm not sure what the big deal is about some silly list. We all know EMC is great. Most everyone who comes here knows it as well.

    [edit] But it's great that all of you want to show how much you love EMC. I completely support that, and will go over to these lists and vote as well just to show my support of your love of EMC.
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  15. Caring about EMC and Voting is two different things - the poll is misguided imo.
  16. Yes but you see here is how it works:
    -People buy minecraft
    -They play single player
    -they get bored and want to play multiplayer
    -They go to a server list
    -They see Empire Minecraft and join!
    -They are so impressed they support the server!
    -Server hardware gets upgraded for a better experiance for everyone!

    So that is why we need to vote for the server! As I have said before its extra rupees for nothing! :D
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  17. What I just posted goes for this too.
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  18. Seriously, we just HAVE to get to 1st place!!!!

    EMC has tons of different plugins, more than 30.000 members, 10 servers, an totally AWESOME forum and probably the best Admins ever, JustinGuy and IceCreamCow!

    I really agree with you guys!
    The Supporters pay real-life money to help this awesome server, but we other members don't really pay.....
    So let's all stand up, take the 2 minutes to Vote on MCSL and MineStatus and help EMC reach the place it deserves, 1st place!!!
    We also even get 100r if we vote at both places!!!
    But I don't care about those 100r.
    The real thing is to rise, Vote and help EMC become the best MC Server on EARTH!!!

    WHO IS WITH ME?!?!?!

    Sorry for caps :3
  19. You get a "like" for putting a random smile on my face :D
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  20. Woah PThagaard why don't you care or will vote?!? :O
    Actually I understand you won't vote because you are supporting EMc which is even better ;)
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