Do you "REALLY" have a mongolian problem?

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  1. well do you have a mongolian camping your wall post a screen shot if you do !?
  2. Silly Mongolians
  3. Darn mongoweeans , alway come and bweak down my woll - my 1000th post btw
  4. Different picture. I missed the mongolian creeper taking down the wall though :(

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  5. stupd mongolian creeper! blew up my wall
  6. What is a mongolian?
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  7. People from Mongolia, also apparently a type of Bbq and Asian food.
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  9. What does this have to do with Minecraft?
  10. Death's skin is a Mongolian.
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  11. Likely talking about the Mongols. They had invaded China, and broken the Great Wall if I'm correct.
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