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  1. Ohhh man! That game is terrifying! But it is also very fun to play when the lights are out... In the first game I managed to reach night 6. In the second game, I am now currently at costume night(night 7). The third game is more troubled to me, with all those hidden mini games...
    Freddy is so cute!!!
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  2. That overrated game? Ye, I've played. Got scared and deleted the game. Was worth price I paid the game for ($0.00)...
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  3. The one thread that I don't see lol good luck with fnaf 3 that is the toughest one yet.
  4. I don't play the games, but I've watched Markiplier's play throughs of them, and the Game Theorist's videos about the storylines. They look like fun, but jumpscare games were never very appealing to me. I find that they are incredibly well written, considering how simplistic the games are.
  5. I've watched Markiplier's videos too. And I find the theories about the game really interesting!
  6. First of all, yes I play Five Nights at Freddy's 1, 2, and 3. In FNAF 1, I'm on night 7, in 2, I'm on night 4, same for FNAF 3. Also, Freddy is ugly.