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  1. I made ISMOOCH a new skin! :)

  2. Just because he's sassy doesn't mean he has to have pink on and a little dog lol. Anyways I tried to make his skin relate to how he looks irl. I did the same with his previous skin.
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  3. But he LOVES being sassy and having a sassy skin
  4. He would be so sad at me if I made a sassy smooch skin... :oops:
  5. You're never going to get anywhere in life with that level of empathy, now sassificate that skin this instance!
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  6. if he wears brown shirts with aqua stripes then you need to work on his wardrobe a bit
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  7. I agree, get him an aqua shirt with brown stripes, it's much more sassy.
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  8. But it's not sassy enough. We need something so sassy, that it'll bring a whole new meaning to the phrase "Sassy Smooch"
  9. not to mention the teal pants... almost looks like they are corduroy pants. smooch better watch out, he's going to get beat up behind the gym by some kids making fun of the way he dresses.
  10. It must be like this.
    Da Sasseh Smoocheh.jpg
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  11. I like it! Very nice work. =)