Do you know any programming/scripting/other languages?

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  1. hihi,

    So I got wondering how many people know any programming/scripting/other languages. Just so people are clear; I've put other as HTML and CSS are both markup languages. Then other languages like PHP fit is a scripting language.

    Anyways! I am quite good in Java and PHP. I also do a lot of stuff with the Bukkit plugin Skript:

    What stuff do you know? :eek:
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  2. Hmm... rusty on the java, but python, some c++, javascript.
    I don't know if matlab and labview count... haha. But those too.
  3. Anything counts! :p
  4. GML
    HTML 5
    Tiny bit of c++
    And swift
    I know c# and Python the most, I would recommend learning Python first like I did, because the language isn't super hard to learn, it's actually pretty easy, so you can get a feel to see if you like the whole scriptingness
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  6. why in the world did you list css as a markup language lol. It's absolutely not :p
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  7. You didn't answer the question, do you know any programming languages?
  8. -Some java script
    -some Binary
    -some php
    -and a few encryption languages

    All this is based from my old jobs and all in the xbox live area....

    Only ones I used in the last few years is the website codes.
  9. I mainly use Java, but I'm pretty good with PHP and HTML and CSS (but who isn't now though? :p).

    I could also probably make something basic in C/C++/Objective-C.

    I'm not sure how you can know "some" binary. You basically keep adding zeros and ones until you get the number you want :p
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  10. and to describe, a markup language is a language that defines a structure and presentation, but does not control logic.

    However, HTML actually violates the markup principle, making it sort of a markup, programming and styling language combined, as the OLD HTML nodes <b>, <i> etc count as presentation instructions, then the IE version conditional statements of <!if IE8> stuff are in line of programming logic.

    Then <noscript> counts as logic.

    But at my skill level, its not really a thing about knowing a language, as I can work in any language needed. But ones I'm well experienced in:

    • PHP 4+
    • JavaScript
      • Client & Node.JS - there are essentially 2 versions of utilizing JavaScript
    • Java
    • CSS/SCSS
    • C++
    • Bash
    • I've dabbled in Python,
    • and dabbled in the devil Perl (never again)
    • I'm about to heavily dive into Dart, and I recommend it to any web developer who currently uses JavaScript.
    • I don't like to speak of those days but I've done
      • VB4
      • VB6,
      • VB.NET
      • C#
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  11. You said "other languages"...

    I know a little spanish
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    • PHP 5
    • HTML5
    • CSS3
    • Little bit of JavaScript
    • VB.NET (little while ago)
    • A tiny bit of Java (with the Bukkit API)
    • Lua (long time ago)
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