Do you guys think Ben Affleck is a bad actor for Batman?

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  1. *Picks up T.V. and throws it*
  2. Oh dear god. If they're going for 1960s style funny batman maybe it might be ok, but serious gritty batman... I don't think so.
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  3. I mean looks wise - they both would seem to portrait their character image pretty well...
  4. Bieber looks nothing like Robin!
  5. A. I don't think Ben Affleck as bad actor. Have you watched last few movies he's done or just got other people's opinions and road with them.

    B. The bieber article is prolly false and Uk tabloids are known for running false information before having proof.Also its just beiber being him trolling like always. Also why would WB cast him they would gain one fanbase but losing Respect of there Main Fanbase.
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  6. I don't think ben affleck is a particularly bad actor, but I think he'll make a bad batman, I think george cloony made a bad batman and I think he's a great actor.

    It depends on the style of batman they're trying to make I think.. if it's stupid funny like the 1966 movie it won't really matter, if it's more like the micheal keaton ones which were fun, then yeah he might pull it off, val kilmer was ok I guess, but not as good as micheal keaton. If they're trying to fit in with the latest ones I don't think ben affleck can pull it off.

  7. I agree with this. We will see Summer 2015 if works out or not. :D

    -side note- I still watch any batman movie or series if its on Tv :p
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  8. I think Ben Affleck is a good actor... sure daredevil was terrible... but that wasnt all his fault. Im quite excited to see his portrayal of the dark knight. With regards to Justin Bieber potentially becoming Robin.... this wont happen... if this happens ill give stacks of diamonds away. Batman franchise is a HUGE franchise and with each release they are looking to bring in profits in the 10-100s of millions. They would not give a potentially large role to someone with little to no acting experience... its just not viable. Robin whilst lean should be muscular, athletic. I can see Robin having his own movie/movies in the future.... Justin Bieber or any other celebrities without an extensive and impressive acting background will not be selected.

    End of discussion! haha

  9. Its a bad choice in my opinion. I could actually see ben affleck playing the part of robin, or he would even make a great villain such as riddler but not batman.

    I only only presume they will go in the direction of the batman beyond animation where ben affleck is fighting in place of christian bale. I know its unlikely but its the only way i see affleck playing this role.

    This is in preperation for the justice league movie i believe, which points to the bat being dark, gritty and very deceptive. Affleck can't pull this off, not with his current style of acting.

    On top of that, im slightly worried that they will destroy what they have accomplished in the last trilogy of batfilms with a batman vs superman movie. Seems they just want to capitalise on money and not worry about what they could do with thats already in place.
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  10. I've seen Argo, that is the only movie I have seen that he is in. I think he is a good actor, but not batman. Some actors just aren't meant to play a role. I also have not seen daredevil, but I will to have more of an opinion, and not just going off of opinions saying it's bad. As for Justina, he can go choke on a batarang.
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  11. I simply don't think this movie should exist. DC has now decided they need to copy Marvel and start releasing interconnected movies. Now, I don't think this is a good idea (I think they should find their own identity), but, even if it was a good idea, Batman should not be in this. As Nolan's movies illustrate, people like Batman separate from the rest of the DCU.

    I have heard that they are going for an older Batman; most likely they are just going to rip off The Dark Knight Returns. But this doesn't make any sense; the whole point of the New 52 reboot was making all of the superheroes younger. So in the comics Batman is very young, but in the movies he is like someone's grandpa? Good job not contradicting yourself, DC.

    I simply don't like superhero movies, because most of the time they are nothing more than a dumbass, summer action movie - with the exception of Nolan's Batman, of course. All this is going to be is another steaming pile of crap produced for the mindless masses.