Do you guys know "Liberty Global"?

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  1. Hi gang!

    Not the best week for me... bday was awesome, the rest of the week not so much. One of the reasons is my TV/Phone/Internet provider; UPC. Here in Holland we had 2 major cable companies: UPC and Ziggo. Both had a very rough start (UPC used to be (negatively) featured in a consumers TV program every. week.) And Ziggo.. Well, lets just say that they're still having issues. My parents called for support earlier this week only to end up getting disconnected after 4 hours (!) being left on hold. Not to worry; calling support from within their network was free.

    Anyway; the main company behind UPC, Liberty Global, has made an offer for Ziggo (the other main cable company) and the take over has been approved by our (IMO: moronic) government. Basically allowing Liberty Global to now create a cable monopoly because the only choices one had were either Ziggo or UPC. And not even a free choice: depending on the area you were in.

    Much to my dismay the take over of Ziggo doesn't mean that the current (well established) company UPC is taking the lead. On the contrary: it seems the Ziggo name / trade is much more in desire. Something which I personally detest given my previous (years ago) encounters with Ziggo (added up to my parents issues earlier this week) but alas. Only so much you can do.

    Things really heated up when I discovered this week that on my end on the deal (UPC) I'll soon be missing out on 13th Street & ScyFy (the few TV stations we actually watch in the weekend, my gf really likes SVU) however... the Ziggo subscribers are keeping these stations for the time being. Lets just say that I can be quite the critic if I have to, within reason :mad: I have a way with words ;)

    SO... This is honestly one of my favorite forums and because Empire has its roots fully tied into the US I figured I'd ask you guys ;)

    Do you have any experience with Liberty Global?
  2. In a way... this sounds like Comcast and Time Warner.

    Both companies are... uncooperative to say the least. Also, you are lucky to have not ever dealt with either.

    Just search south park cable tv on youtube. WARNING- Dont search this unless you are 18+
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