Do slimes spawn in swamps in utopia?

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  1. I've read that slimes only spawn in swamps at night when light is 7 or less.

    In Utopia it is always day.

    Does this mean I will never see a slime spawn in a Utopia swamp? I'm trying to test this but I've yet to see a slime. I'm beginning to suspect that the answer is no, slimes will not spawn in Utopia swamps.

    Does anyone know for sure yes or no?
  2. Hrmm I've been to many swamps in utopia and can't say for sure that I've seen any. The always day thing would most likely be why.
  3. I seen plenty of slimes at my guardian farm and it is bright there
  4. But that is prob below level 40. Swamps have their own set of spawn rules.
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  5. I can't be 100% sure but I can say that I'm 85% sure that slimes will not spawn in the Utopian swamps. Thing is; I have done a lot of swamp exploring and digging out clay. Most of the clay I gathered came from Utopia because of the light conditions and well, its the ideal place for it (IMO).

    When I say a lot then I mean that I've dug up at least a SC worth of brick blocks.

    And in all that time I've seen creepers, some zombies (very sporadic) and a witch or two but no slimes.