Do beds work in frontier or wasteland worlds?

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  1. Like can you set a bed home in the frontier/wasteland worlds?
  2. Phew good thing! Wait..... I can a bed per world and if I died in that world I would still go to the same bed? So there are 9 free servers, two worlds where you can place a bed (frontier and wastelands) so a total of 18 bed homes across all the free servers?
  3. It all just depends on what bed you slept in last on what server.

    If the bed you slept in most recently was in the wastelands and you died in the frontier, you'll spawn in the wastelands.
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  4. 1 bed per wasteland/front per world.
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  5. Per server or for all 9?
  6. Per server
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  7. *breathing intensifies* THANK YOU!
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  8. By world I meant server, sorry.
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  9. you can place 100 beds on 1 server to, offcorse you still sleep only in one :D