DMGRDC - Damage Reduction

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  1. Hey guys,

    I have exciting news today; I only just launched my very first YouTube video on DMGRDC.
    I will be actively posting and improving content, so you get the very best.

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    I hope you'll enjoy, let me know what you think of it.
    Your feedback is greatly appreciated and helps a lot.

    First video:
  2. First! Good luck with it blood!
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  3. Black Ops II - THE INTENSITY is online!
    More axekills, more sweat and more INTENSITY!

  4. Woohoo blodrain lets play :) i will even break out my elgato
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  5. Bro, do you even jump!? This game surely ends with an explosive twist! [NEW VIDEO!] #DMGRDC

    Minecraft Minigames - TNT RUN!

    ps; to find the video, go to my channel! -not posting link to video because of emc rules :)-
  6. [new video] 3 Spaceships, 3 Epic duels in space! Watch this video now!

    DEVASTINATOR VS RAMMING SPEED - Space Engineers with Sjoerd from TNG23:

  7. NEW Minecraft Minigame video online! This time it's CREEPER ATTACK! For how long can we hold them off!? [NEW VIDEO] #DMGRDC

    ps: visit the channel to watch this awesome video!
  8. We can decide for ourselves whether the video is awesome or not, right? :p
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  9. Yes, ofcourse. I would love to hear your opinion :)
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  10. Whats your editing software?
  11. I'm using Premiere Pro for video editing and GIMP 2.0 for creating the thumbnails :)

    Vroom vroom, make some noise!
    This Obstacle Race surely leaves an impression (and a lot of wrecked ships)
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  12. Nooice vid
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  13. Part II is finally out!
    More obstacles and faster deaths.. Rainbows kill people!
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  14. Two videos online for the 'Bros playing Terraria' serie I'm running with my bro. Many more episodes to come!
  15. Very nice episodes! Keep them coming! :D
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  16. Lots of new videos and finally.. a very custom signature dedicated to our Damage Reduction efforts!
    Please let me know what you think!
  17. Well, both options redirect me to the same page :(
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  18. You should play a minecraft modpack such as Agrarian Skies or Crash Landing.
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  19. After long hours of editing and optimizing I proudly present you...

    The weirdest, craziest Black Ops II moments all in one funny montage. Gigs guaranteed!
    Please give me a thumbs up if you like it and share it if you feel like making my day <3