Disney Trivia Thread

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  1. So since I am a huge Disney World fan I am making a thread for all the Disney fans like me to give each other trivia questions. Ill start:
    In what year was Disneyland opened?
  2. Are you allowed to consult the internet?
  3. I guess as a last resort.
  4. It was 1955, I remember from your other thread in which you were selling something.

    So what did Goofy eat to become Super?

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  5. Um? A peanut?
  6. I think it was Super Goobers :)
  7. I got another one: When was Its a small world first opened?
  8. If your talking about the ride it opened on May 28, 1966 :)
  9. No that's not correct. Look again :)
  10. Yup at the worlds fair
  11. When making Inside Out, director Pete Docter and his partners considered using many more emotions beyond the 5 in the film. Some were probably scrapped because of their redundancy.

    Based on the movie, what emotions would be redundant by Joy?
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  12. I'm not that quite sure lol...I havent seen Inside Out yet so I'm just gonna guess....Logic? lol
  13. Was either of us right?