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  1. Has anyone heard about Dismaland yet? If so what do you think?

    "Sitting front and centre on Weston's sea front promenade, Dismaland is hard to miss with its sinister structures that appeared almost overnight.

    The 2.5 acre site seafront site has been outfitted with a fairytale castle, a boat pond full of asylum seekers, two juggernauts performing ballet and an anarchist training camp running classes in how to break into bus billboards."

    Source: http://tinyurl.com/py4brlo
  2. Uhhh wat
  3. Banksy FTW!
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  4. the overturned cinderella is supposed to represent princess dianas death & how it was caused by media chasing after her.
  5. Which I still think is a somewhat controversial opinion considering how they drove way above the maximum speed limit while the driver was also "not entirely sober". Media can be intrusive, even I sometimes refer to certain journalists as parasites, but the eventual crash definitely had other causes.
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  6. My favourite has to be the lasagne boxes on the carousal :')
  7. same :p
  8. my favorite is the grim reaper doing bumper cars to staying alive by the bee gees
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  9. Not sure if you heard it (it was a long time ago, and I'd assume quite big?); but 'apparently' (there are many theories about what really happened), Princess Diana died due to being chased by the press. Her limo crashed as the press kept chasing her. It's a possibility, however I do agree with your idea about the Cinderella crash :p
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  10. I think the pictures show it all ;) It's not something I'd visit but I think some of the work is pretty cool. Still, some of it is most definitely better experienced as a picture. The mermaid statue for example is pretty cool, but I doubt you'll experience the same effect when you see it for real.
  11. People are saying that her bodyguard/driver was also taking pills and mixing it with alcohol and he lost control of the wheel and it spun out
  12. Different driver and limo too. Apparently a hit made by the Royal Family
  13. Appropriate that he unveiled this just as I watched Exit Through the Gift Shop. It's a really good documentary, if anyone is interested in Banksy/Street art
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  14. Need to check that out. I saw his work in Israel and was very impressed.
  15. Someone else has seen it! I usually get the weirdest looks when I'm trying to explain parts of it! +20. This movie is exceptional for studying art on this form.
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  16. It's quite interesting, some of it is quite controversial and all of it has a story to tell. I suppose that if you can draw conclusions from a piece, it must be a well done piece of art. I studied art as part of my GCSEs and there was always a lot of talk about artists such as Banksy and their work in the surrounding areas and what kind of conclusions and emotions you can draw from a variety of pieces of art. :)
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  17. I saw this briefly on the news last week! I think it's pretty awesome, one part I like is how purposefully unenthusiastic the staff are, but that may be because I'm an imbecile ;)
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