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Shop chests in wild?

Yes, this is a good idea. 22 vote(s) 45.8%
No, it ruins the fun of living in the wild. 7 vote(s) 14.6%
It doesn't affect me. 5 vote(s) 10.4%
It's a good idea, but it needs some tweaking and heavy moderation before it will work. 14 vote(s) 29.2%
  1. Recently, I've been spending quite a bit of time in the wild. However, in some cases it can be quite time consuming for me to travel all the way back to town, vault a full inventory of bones, and come back. An idea I've had for a while is making shops in the wild.
    The Idea.
    Really, what it is is to have shop chests work in the wild. This would be used for people ferrying goods back and forth between a wild colony and town, as the item runner could get the items from town, go to the wild, and sell it to a colony. These could also be set up within wild colonies for players who want to buy something in the wild that they just haven't (or don't want to) find while mining.

    The Details.

    There are a few inherent problems with this idea, as the wilderness isn't protected, and really anyone could take from your shop, because there are not many ways to protect it. I propose this.
    Step 1. Place chest.
    Step 2. Place sign above chest.
    Step 3. Follow proper formatting for creating a shop sign. Any shop signs created in the wilderness will double-function as lock signs (and therefore cost 1k each), because shops are pointless if someone can just go in the chest and take without paying.
    Step 4. Stock item. If you want to give multiple people access to the chest, you can put a sign adjacent to the chest saying 'access' on the first line and a maximum of three players' names on the second. These players will be able to open the chest.

    You're probably thinking that this is a terrible idea, but I have heard people wondering about it in the past, and I figured that we might as well get the entire community's opinion on it before we go on making assumptions that everyone hates it. In my opinion, it would need a lot of tweaking and a lot of moderation before it will even be feasible to be implemented. If you have any questions, comments, concerns, suggestions, feel free to reply to this thread and we will be happy to discuss.
  2. I like this idea.
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  3. I love the idea! Just maybe you could put an access sign on the chest like lokkette does so that you can fit the sop in more confined spaces.
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  4. Could be good but wht not plan ahead and get all you need?
  5. I had to do that with my friend so that we could get to the Jungle outpost on smp7. I almost went broke from that. But we got some lava.
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  6. generally nice idea, but the work to do this would be HUGE and they would have to make it less than 500r per chest or no one would do it.
  7. I would do it and I think it needs to be 1k per chest. Since it would work as a lock it needs to be at least the same price as a lock.
  8. answer this: who the heck is gonna pay 1000r for 1 chest that you can put only 1 thing in? its stupid as not many ppl would do this
  9. Other people besides you might do it. I think the poll agrees with me as of this posting.
  10. The thing about this is obviously only the player who made the shop chest will be the only one who has access to it and people would have the cost of the item be 9999999999r for one dirt so no one would take the stuff, There for they would get a free locked chest. If this did happen which I doubt it would EMC would probably charge at least 1,000r for it.
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  11. What do you mean on the chest?
    The idea is that you can't plan for everything, so if, say, you get to a wild base a couple thousand blocks out and realize that you'll need something, you could buy it from a shop in the area.
    The shop sign will double-function as a locked chest to prevent people circumventing the shop system. Because of this, it will have to be exactly 1k, or else locked chests would be useless. And you can put whatever item you like in the chest, you just can only sell one out of it. If you think it's stupid, then go ahead and leave this thread alone.
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  12. Look, if its cheaper than the lock, shops will be abused and used as cheaper locks. The fee also prevents a complete spam of wilderness shops.
  13. I was doing Hotels in the wild. we could join up our ideas? if ya want?
  14. Well, that's not like you need a plugin or anything...
    I guess you can go ahead with your idea. I'm not going to 'join up' any ideas. I'm actually not sure at all what you mean by this.
  15. Hotels for people to stay in get fed and use the public mine. like a house but in teh wild for people to stay in.

    PS: how do you do that vote thingy or can only dia supporters do that?
  16. You mean how do I create a poll? When you start a thread, it is an option to create towards the bottom,
  17. Ok dokey . by the way i support your idea and i could help i own a shop and i am not poor. i am like 1,000 off rich LoL
  18. The point is that if this is approved by the staff, it will be available to everyone. I do not wish to 'own' this idea. If it is approved, then whoever wants to put up a shop can put up a shop. It's not like I get (or want) to control all of this.
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  19. I knew that i was just wondering if you needed help from another business man?
  20. I'm not running a business, just proposing an idea. Although if I ever need a business partner, I'll come a-knocking.