[Discussion] Raising Daily Bonus

Discussion in 'Marketplace Discussion' started by PenguinDJ, Mar 1, 2015.

  1. This is a discussion thread only. I am interested in the community's opinion on this matter. I will not tolerate rudeness or off-topic posts. Please contribute something worthwhile, or don't post at all. Please understand this is not a suggestion. Thanks in advance!

    This is a discussion thread to see if the community thinks the daily bonus should be raised. I'm interested in hearing what the community has to say on the matter. There is no poll because opinions obviously can change, and I'll know we've had a good discussion if people's opinions do change.

    Please not only discuss the general subject but the supporter daily bonuses. For anyone unfamiliar with them, they are: Free: 100r, Iron: 400r, Gold: 700r, Diamond: 1,300r.

    I'm establishing a pros and cons list. Anything posted in the comments will be added (with a few obvious exceptions). The purpose of this list is to broaden the general knowledge of the subject and to expose people to other point of views. This list will be added to continuously, and as frequently as I get the chance. I've started it, but as you can see it only has two things on it.


    - An increase will adjust for inflation
    - Most players can't even buy a stack of wood on 100r a day
    - This will inflate the economy even more, possibly at a rate the economy isn't ready for.


    Let's make this into a worthwhile discussion, and maybe even promote change for the Empire, if that's what should be done.

    Thanks for reading and contributing!

  2. Quick fix, iron is 400r a day, not 300r :)
  3. Thanks. When'd that happen? Must've been somewhat recent, right?
  4. No clue, to be honest lol
    I -think- it's been like that since forever, but not sure