[Discussion] Formula for Enchants?

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  1. Hello Empire. I'm opening up an enchantment store very soon, and I need prices! I'm looking for a price check/discussion. I will use a formula to price all of my enchants. I want low prices, but not so low as I will always be out of stock. I will not be selling a god pick for 300r.

    Efficiency IV -
    Unbreaking III -
    Efficiency V -

    Silk Touch I -
    Fortune III -

    Fishing Rods
    Luck III -
    Lure III -

    Sharpness IV -
    Bane of Arthropods IV -
    Smite IV -
    Fire Aspect II -
    Knockback II -
    Looting III -
    Sharpness V -

    Power IV -
    Punch II -
    Flame I -
    Infinity I -
    Power V -

    Protection IV -
    Blast Protection IV -
    Fire Protection IV -
    Projectile Protection IV -
    Aqua Affinity I -
    Respiration III -
    Feather Falling IV -
    Depth Strider IV -

    On to the formula... I was thinking something like...
    T = C + 250(n-1)
    when T = total cost, C = Cumulative price of enchants, and n = number of enchants.

    Is this good? Any adjustments? Totally new formula?

    Please tell me what you think would be good for a formula, and maybe a price check on the enchants.

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