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  1. /Quiz off
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  2. that is brilliant. i support.
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  3. I really like this idea but every proposal has to have a bad consequence.
    <Jeanzl2000> Go do the quiz on the website and you can get up to 200r
    <Jeanzl> What Website?
    <Jeanzl2000> THE ONE YOU SIGNED UP AT!!!!!!!
    *Jeanzl2000 Left The Game
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  4. I agree with Battmeghs. I do not want to be spammed with quizzes.

    I thought they were looking to add in money sinks into EMC. This seems like the opposite.
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  5. It can very easily be tied to the tip system which Im pretty sure is able to be turned off.. and if not it can be made to be toggleable...

    Though it would be very unobtrusive like the tips are currently.

    As for the money thing... We want to give new players a good time. We are adding monkey sinks in other ways to make up for the increased rupees.
    This idea helps promote a more knowledgeable player, which means less annoyance in chat, which makes players happy.

    We want both happy players and sinks :)
  6. I just see players asking in chat what the answer is. :p
  7. hey im only 11 and i read the guide like 7 times when i joined... saying that kids dont read the guide is just stereotype :/
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  8. I love this :D I don't think having it as a Tip is a good idea though - I have them turned off.

    You're actually breaking the rules by playing then, ahaha.
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  9. Not if his parents are ok with it.
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  10. Sneeker approved!
  11. Dont forget to charge tax on those rupees :rolleyes:
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  13. Ah alright :)
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  14. This would be relatively easy to implement (but I have no experience with the EMC platform so I don't know). I think it should just come randomly once a day or something. Every time you get it you get different questions. And you could type something like /quiz and you can do it and maybe earn a little less or something of the likes.
  15. I would be a happy player if I could get a sink for my monkey, as he is very dirty and has started to smell.

    I like the idea of a quiz to get free Rupees. I also like the idea of having to do a quiz when we are kicked.
  16. Great idea!!
  17. What a smart idea!!! This would be helpful to new members and inexperienced players/underage (underage being 7-12)