Disconnecting from EMC

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  1. Emc seems to be crashing (and only for me). It crashed (servers and forums) twice in span of about 20 minutes and it picks back up after about 5 mimutes...
  2. If forums are crashing, that could mean either your computer or your internet connect.

    Minecraft should give you a text box on what happened. What is the message?
  3. It can't be my internet connection because it's only the Emc forums and the Emc servers that crash. Other servers and other websites work when this issue occurs.

    I'll get a screenshot of the message next time it happens.
  4. What exactly do you define as 'crash'? Can't connect to it or your client (either the MC client or your browser) quits or gives an error?
  5. Oops, I meant that it logs me out. After it logs me out I'm not able to log in on Emc for about 5 - 10 minutes. The forums stops working at the same time I'm forced off of the servers.
  6. That would indicate network connectivity issues, either your ISP/Routing or software on your PC - Moving discussion to a new thread

    When it happens, please run an MTR: http://winmtr.net/ and post results
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  7. 1.8.8 was officially released yesterday morning - It seems more stable than 1.8.7 (and causes less disconnections - if this is the version you're using)
  8. I have had this problem in the past. But 1.8.2 is stable enough for me. =P

    I don't believe I ever even solved the problem... That computer died to a power surge a year or so ago.
  9. I apologize but I'm going to need directions on how to work this properly...I have no idea what I'm doing
  10. I could help if you showed me the crash logs.
  11. I don't use windows so I cant be exact, but you need to put emc.gs into the box, run the report then simply take a screenshot and post to imgur.

    He's not exactly crashing, just getting disconnected, but would be good to know the error message exactly.

    DNS Error, vs Connection Refused, vs Connection Timed out can give indication on where the problem is.
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