Disappearing pets in town

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  1. Hi.

    As the title suggests, I've got an issue with disappearing cats on res.

    I had 6 tamed cats, kept in a sitting position, ready for breeding. They had been there for awhile. I came back on today and they were all missing. The only thing I can think of is that I have a villager breeder on the same res. Did the villagers overbreed and force the cats to despawn?

    This is rather upsetting. Ocelots are in rare order on my server now-a-days and the fish to breed them even more so.

    I checked my flags and the only person I have on there is my in game business partner. I asked him if he eggified them and he denied doing so. I trust him implicitly.

    Is there a glitch in game that makes them despawn I am not aware of? Could the breeder have made them despawn?
  2. There's a 100 entity limit per res in town. You can check it by entering your res and doing /entc.

    Besides for that, I don't know what could have caused it, but cats/ocelots are very glitchy.
  3. I had some cats on my res. After I tamed them, I set them to sit in their pen and went about doing some bin filling. The next day, I went down to breed them, but they had vanished. I assumed I had done something wrong, at first, but I later heard cats around random areas of my res, where they shouldn't have been. After looking around for about ten minutes, I decided to dig into my walls and floors and ended up finding them wedged between my half-slab floor board and soil. How they managed to move, when they had all been set to 'sit', I don't know. I also have no idea how they managed to get under the floor.
  4. Most likely the max. entity count since animals don't disappear from your residence "just like that".

    Alas; check your mail in a little while (/mail in-game); I'll help you out a bit with getting up to speed on your Ocelot pets again. Us cat fans need to help each other out afterall; and I can spare 2 eggs and some fish :) You'll have your pets back in no time.
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  5. I think I remember hearing something a while ago about how oceleots were really good at escaping from pens. Look around your residence and see if you find anything glitched into the ground or something.