Disappearing Minecarts

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  1. I've been working with hopper minecarts on EMC, and occasionally, they get randomly deleted.
    These minecarts are constantly moving along a track like this:


    I'm not sure what's causing them to disappear.
    Is this a bug with Minecraft, itself, or Empire Minecraft?
  2. I have 2 and they're fine, what server are you on?
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  3. Out of curiosity, in wild or in town? I haven't had this happen to me. Yet. Let's hope not at all.
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  4. I've been using 34 hopper minecarts in one area in the wild on SMP2.
    Maybe I could try to cut down on how many minecarts I'm using.;)
  5. #1: Yes, it should be a bug. It's never happened to me before.. so it should be. If it isn't, contact me (or pm) me to talk. this is a very weird thing, and I've never had it happen to me before.

    #2: What server is this on? (Example of meaning: Empire Minecraft, Singleplayer.. Realms)?

    #3: It's most likely a bug or a glitch. That's what I know.

    #4: This is rare. Just put the Minecarts Down again, and if they disappear again, contact me and I'll help you.

    #5: I've had experience, but with a different item.
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  6. Well, if this is unprotected space then unfortunately you can't rule out player interference either. As far as I know this isn't common behavior. An outpost I'm part of has a guardian farm which heavily utilizes hopper minecarts also (I think 30 - 40?) and we've yet to lose one of them.

    As such I'm wondering about player interference as well.

    Having said that: sometimes stuff does disappear for no apparent reason. On my residence I grow sugarcane (one line) and every now and and then several gaps appear or 3 - 5 canes just go missing alltogether. While I'm positive that they were all planted when I left them. So sometimes weird stuff does happen.
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