Directional Warping to Wild/Wastelands/Nether-Wastelands Spawn Points?

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  1. Currently, warping to the Frontier Wild, the Wastelands, and the Nether Wastelands seem to take you to a randomly selected spawn point.

    Wouldn't be nice to have a bit of directionality to the warp commands? Like, typing "/wastelands north" would warp you to the north spawn of the wild wastelands. Typing the warp command without the directional term can still be random... or take you to the center point by default.

    Sure, there's the water portals on the spawn fortress, but it's just a little added (subtle) convenience.
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  2. I liked it when it would just spawn you to the main spawn...
  3. That's why there are those other portals and if you walk into the center it cycles through each outpost.
  4. If you do /v wastelands it takes you to a random outpost, but if you do /wastelands it always takes you to the main outpost.
  5. While there are portals, I do agree that /waste north and the like would be nice. These is a command for it, but it's the default residence one and is stupidly long - so an alias would work well.
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  6. I think there should also be a way to warp to the nether. Is it /waste nether?
    EDIT: It's /waste nether
  7. I think this would be convenient. But the wastelands have just come out so there was obviously gonna be a few problems. They will probably update the wastelands in the future and fix some of the minor problems that are there.
  8. That or just /wnether
  9. 1. Type /town
    2. Walk through the wastelands portal/wastelands nether portal
    3. Walk through the middle of the spawn until it puts you at the one you need.
    4. ?????
    5. Profit!
  10. Instructions not clear enough, accidently put aikar in a toaster full of chickens.
  11. Out of sheer curiosity, what is the residence command?
  12. /res tp Spawn_Wilderness_Direction - for example, /res tp Spawn_Wilderness_South

    This doesn't work for the Wastelands though, as they use areas, not separate reses.