DinoPocalypse - Episode 1: The Beginning

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  1. You see those forum games. Most of them have zombies in it. And i've always like forum games and dinosaurs so I put them both together.

    The year is 2016, and a genetic experiment in New York City and London brought back dinosaurs. However, research was not complete and couldn't be with the limited facilities, so they sent dinosaur embryos to Japan along with alot of amber and fossils.

    By 2018, the dinos were living for as long as they would have when they ruled the Earth. Scientists discovered they did not live for long, the longest living dinosaur lived for 12 years.

    In 2019, dinosaurs were being kept as pets, and new vaccines were being developed to fight off rabies, and other diseases.

    In 2020, hatchlings were born with the vaccines and the dinos were being put into zoos and scientific experiments.

    In 2021, some dinosaurs killed their owners, and escaped households. Others managed to escape their zoos and science labs. They soon killed almost everybody in the whole world, and were beginning to shape the world the way they wanted to. The only clean region was New Zealand. Were they didn't accept dinosaurs.

    Survivor Name:
    Starting country:
    Starting City:
    Companion (dog, cat, OR another human etc):
    Companion Name:

    What happens in episode 1:
    You HAVE to wake up in your normal house, on your bed, with your companion.
    You have to have a carnivorous dinosaur in your house that you have to kill or escape.
    You have no weapons except whatever you have in your kitchen or if you have a gun in a suitcase beneath your bed.
    The rest is up to you.
    When you make it out of your home country you have to stop RP'ing
    and wait for everybody else to finish the episode.
    Nobody is invincible (you won't die in episode 1 though)
    The sea is just as dangerous as the land.
    Don't kill other players. Save it for the dinosaurs.
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  2. I got a few of ideas for an RPG off this...

    Who prefers text RPGs over Dungeon crawl-styled games?
    Or who prefers dungeon crawl-styled RPGs over text RPG games?
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  3. Survivor Name: The Shard of Oaken
    Starting country: China
    Starting City:Shanghai
    Companion (dog, cat, OR another human etc): Dragon
    Companion Name: La Shardia
    Weapon: Crying Obsidian Sword
    Career: Dragon Breeder/Catcher
  4. Name: Eric Sullivan
    Starting Country: Canada
    Starting City: Vancouver
    Companion: Human
    Companion Name: Emily Jones
    Weapon: Unlimited ammo death ray
    Career: Mercenary
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  5. Hey soul. You playing?
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  6. I wake up on my bed, La Shardia next to me on the floor. A velociraptor is inside my house! La Shardia attacks it as I run to my safe. I open it and grab my Crying Obsidian sword. I run back. La Shardia is badly bleeding, and the velociraptor is about to kill her! With a swift leap and a hard swing, I lop off the velociraptor's head and bandage up La Shardia.
  7. I wake up, Emily is alert. We hear a Deinonychus in the hall. I grab my death ray from under the suitcase. Jump into the hallway and fry the Deinonychus.
  8. C'mon, be creative!
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  9. We run outside. A herd of Supersaurus pass by. We get a car and start driving to Washington State.
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  10. Just saying about the story: Do people ever learn? I mean, do scientists ever watch the movies? People would think "Dinosaurs are awesome", but they watched the movies. But it's not like there's any movie with a similar scenario.
  11. Ok, I left, but I still love these kinds of things :p
    Name: Ryan Hoang
    Age: 19
    Starting country: China
    Starting City: Xian
    Companion: Wolverine named Kayla
    Weapon: Titanium sword
    Career: Olympic Track Hopeful
  12. People don't care. They think they can control things. Humans aren't that powerful.
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  13. Anyways, on the drive, the car runs out of gas. I send out a radio message at a nearby radio station to all alive in the world to meet in Times Square, NYC. ASAP.
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  14. Ryan wakes up to hear a heavy sniffing next to his bed. He opens his eyes just a crack to see a giant Tyrannosaurus Rex over his bed. Moving very slowly, he slides his hand under his pillow to grab his sword. He finds a small rock under his pillow, and with the flick of his finger, sends it flying to the other side of the room. The beast turns its head around, just as Ryan catapults out of bed and lodges his sword in its skull. The creature screams in agony, and crumples over, dead. Ryan wakes up Kasia from under the bed and goes into his bedroom to grab his things. He grabs his Glock and his suitcase and walks outside.
  15. Eric finds some compys eating a dead guy. Emily almosts pukes. I zap all the compys and put on my sunglasses.
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  16. We continue to the states in the dead guy's car.
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  17. -Application-
    Survivor Name:Gharell Blaezing Stomold Szvarre
    Starting country: Kanto
    Starting City: Pallet Town
    Companion (dog, cat, OR another human etc): Pikachu
    Companion Name: Lighty
    Weapon: Throwing Axes
    Career: Pokemon Master
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  18. I wake up to a destroyed house and Find Lighty is parcially cut and we run off to town square...
  19. La Shardia finds a small, handheld radio on the ground, which is crackling lightly. I pick it up and climb onto a building, hoping to get better reception. I do, and I can hear some words being repeated over and over and over.

    "To anyone who can hear me, find a way to get to Times Square, New York City ASAP." A pterodactyl swoops down out of nowhere and bites at my neck, but as it opens its mouth, I plunge the sword into the pterodactyl's mouth. My sword breaks.
    Don't worry. I can fix that, I just need a stick." La Shardia tells me telepathically. I run off to find a stick as La Shardia
    gathers fragments of my broken sword. A bit later, I find a long, sturdy stick and run back to La Shardia with it. Out of this and the fragments, she makes me a Crying Obsidian mace. I hop onto her back and we start flying.
  20. Exactly what I based it off :p
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