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  1. ...Hole!

    As you or may not have go from the title, I am looking to have parts of my res dug out.


    What am I looking for is to have that chunk on the right dug out, as well as three extra layers of 60x60.
    A big job I know, but I am willing to pay top rupees to get this done.
  2. How many rupees, might be interested
  3. I did somthing like this once. How much
  4. I was thinking about 6-7k, but I'm open to offers.
  5. DEAL
  6. You want just the load of dirt you're looking at dug out? I can do that in no time.
  7. Based on how quickly you accepted the offer, I have a feeling it's more than it should be lol.
    But that's not a problem, I want it done.
    Can you hop on now to be clear on what needs doing?
    smp5 10398
  8. And three full layers down of 60x60
  9. I'll do it for free..
    I need something to do;
  10. Are you sure?
    The only shovels I'm supplying are iron as well.
  11. Whoa forget that i dont have the time
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  12. I'll bring my own shovel/ pick :D
    What smp is it on?
  13. smp5, 10398