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  1. I would like to suggest that instead of having individual difficulty settings that you do it on a server basis instead.

    'Unique" is word that's used a lot to describe this server. the major thing that makes this server 'Unique" is that it's challenging. Anything you do that makes this server, "less challenging" takes away from the uniqueness of this server and takes it one step closer to all the other servers out there. I think some are under the impression that the difficulty setting will only affect the user and will have no effect on the empire as a whole or other players. This is incorrect.

    The Frontier can be a harsh place especially at night. That's one of the reasons people setup settlements. So people can have a safe haven. If people can set there settings to 0 and skip off into the wild you've just made settlements a whole lot less important.

    What if you have a group of people. 5 have there settings at 10, 2 at 6, 1 at 4, 2 at 3 etc. etc. You don't think this is going to have any effect on the server or other players? You're making unnecessary work for the server which will probably lead to more lag. Especially when people are together in groups.

    It also breaks the immersion of the game. The Frontier Should be harsh. That's what makes it unique. Those who have decided to live out there expect it to be that way. When Mr. difficulty set at 0 comes along he breaks the immersion of the game. ( I think that's the term I'm looking for)

    Now, The benefits of doing it on a server by server base are pretty good. Make servers 1 through 4 easy. take away the enraged mobs. this should benefit those servers by having less load. It will also makes the players who want it easy, happy. Leave servers 5 -9 the way they are. There you go. Everyone's happy. (Well almost everyone)

    The fact is, you'll never make everyone happy. If you try, you go insane.

    Fact #2, the thing that makes the Empire Special and unique is that it's challenging. If you think there's anything else, spend a few days server hopping and you'll see that you're wrong. If you makes this server less challenging, you'll lose in the long run.

    I'm sorry that this is so long but I spent a week server hopping before I came here and I really love this server. I'd just really hate to see it change.

  2. Well, there are also people who view it in the opposite way as if the frontier is supposed to be a peaceful place for exploring. That is the beauty of the difficulty setting. You can "play your way." The way that is the most fun for YOU.

    Also, what about the people with bases on servers 1-4? How would they feel if everything was super quiet and peaceful? Hours and hours of work put into a protective base on one of these servers would disintegrate.
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  3. One of the problems with changing certain servers is there are people in settlements on each server. Suppose they went out on 2 and made their settlement to fight enraged mobs and then suddenly that's taken away and they have to pack up all their items and move to a different server? They then have to find another 4K by 4K spot not claimed by another outpost and rebuild everything. That will just make people not want to play anymore. EMC is unique and there is no other server out there with difficulty settings. Most every server out there is either Strictly easy, strictly hard or strictly normal. They allow griefing and stealing, they could care less about their players. Here the staff want people to stay and play. The difficulty settings aren't going to affect anyone other than the person using them. If you want to stay at the level it is now or make it more challenging, you have that right. Other people who could care less about the enraged mobs and harder difficulty can play at a more preferred difficulty. It shouldn't affect you if your friend is set to a level way less than you are.

    Most everyone here has been a member for a long time and we have had to deal with changes none of us liked and now we're all being listened to and something being done to make everyone comfortable and accommodate everyone's play styles. Many of us didn't want Normal mode, we dealt with it, many of us hate the enraged mobs, we deal with it or we just stop playing. They are trying to keep people from leaving and make them just as comfortable as everyone else.
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  4. Sorry it is literally to late to change this. Difficulty settings is 98-99% done with some small bug fixes needing done; but will probably be ready to roll out after a couple hours worth of work.

    Besides if you don't want this update to effect you? Continue playing at level 5 difficulty. What difference does it make if MinecraftGuy123 is on Difficulty setting 1 walking right by all of the enraged mobs and bosses. Sure it would be great if they had the same appreciation for this challenge, but MANY people have left or simply stopped going to the wild because they do not like harder difficulties. Is it fair they have to suffer because a few people like constantly fighting to survive? There are several vocal members of the community who would like nothing less to completely reverse the survival update including all of those enraged mobs. Just keep in mind those players on Lv. 1 have no chance for Dragon Stone Fragments, no Marlix Gear, no Voucher drops, Absolutely nothing special from the mobs they kill.

    Will this difficulty setting update change the fact that it is challenging? Not at all. The challenge will be there MORE now, but also accommodates some people being turned off by this.

    Finally, it is not any more fair for people to have to switch servers for the convenience of having the difficulty they want to play at.

    As far as I know, what Aikar is doing - has never been done by ANYONE in the Minecraft world - not even close. This is as unique as you can get at this point to make the most amount of people happy as possible.
  5. I think when you're dying to normal skeletons and zombies on difficulty 10 you'll see that it is def not getting easier if challenging is what you desire :)
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  6. LOL you all make good points. Lvl 10 sounds really interesting.

  7. Pineapple.
  8. Thank god those Voter Boots are soul bound...