Difficulty 8-10 is too grind-y

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  1. When I start play on this server, I was play on difficulty 5.
    It was way too easy.
    So I changed to difficulty 7.
    It start out a bit hard, but soon it become easy for me.
    So I changed to difficulty 8.
    Almost every thing is fine, I can still kill mob, 25% less potion effect is not a big deal, 25% heal reduction is understandable, but.
    Once I go out to kill, I bring my precious diamond gear with unbreaking 3 for the first time, and.
    After 1 night, my diamond gear got shredded, my sword lost 250 durability, my armour lost 100- 150 durability.
    I spent so many time to get protection 4 unbreaking 3 enchantment on my diamond gear and it still got shredded, my diamond gear will be completely broke in 3-6 minecraft night.
    I play on this server for fun and relaxing.
    But this extra durability lost is forcing me to gather/buy more resource to maintain my armour/tool, and I was tired for this.
    If you can spend 3+ hour just to mine diamond/countless iron ore every day and kill 300+ mob for repair/enchant exp, then do it, I don't have time for that.
    The bonus mob drop is not improved much than difficulty 7, I cun't tell the difference.
    It said play your way setting is a key feature for EMC, but I cun't find my way of playing in /ps.
    Its either too grind-y or too easy.
    There should not be such a huge gap between difficulty 7 and difficulty 8.
    So I switched back to difficulty 7.
    I understand difficulty 8-10 is for group play, but.
    I slaughter every normal mob with full iron + diamond sword + power 3 bow(mob drop) on difficulty 7 with ease.
    I know developer want to encourage people to play as a team, but do they really have to end single player by grinding them until they give up?
    How many people in EMC are playing in a high difficulty?
    How many people in EMC are playing in a group?
    How many people in EMC are willing to share their loot with their team?
    Can some one add a option to disable extra durability lost when not in a group ?
    It just too grind-y for 1 player.
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  2. So... 7 was easy but 8 was hard cause you had to maintain your equipment? I don't see a problem with this, if anything it just signifies the difficulty of 8 and solidify it's purpose. Sorry but I don't think it should be removed. It's supposed to be hard for many reasons, not just fighting mobs.
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  3. Extra durability damage is what makes 8+ harder. I like it as is.

  4. I said add a Option to disable extra durability lost.
  5. Then what would be the point? Everyone would do it... it's just less work for someone to disable it rather than repairing, enchanting, and hunting mobs more for exp... The forced durability loss is what makes it difficult.
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  6. The point of difficulty 8 is for better drops and "Challenge level drastically increased" as it says on the popup as you hover over it. If it was no durability loss, it would just be too easy, and the increase in extra drop chances would have to be greatly lowered. You might be suggesting a difficulty 7.5(something in between), but I don't see that ever happening.
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  7. Although it may seem helpful ATM it will harm many things in the long run. For example, supply of diamonds will go even lower due to no repair consumption. Mob drops will flood the market, and there will then be no point in having a harder difficulty. I strongly recommend voting for the server to work on your voters gear. I have my full set and it's WONDERFUL! No damage taken, does not drop on death and has somewhat decent specs. Skillful playing in addition to voters gear should solve your problem ^.^ hope it helps
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  8. If you don't want to have to deal with the extra durability lost just play on a lower difficulty. Even if the mobs are easier, it's a higher difficulty for a reason.
  9. agreed, have to -1 this idea. The difficulty sounds right as is.
  10. It is clear that there are various ways to make the game harder. The actual system includes various variables as enemies difficulty, healing and durability in one single scale of difficulty.

    I think that to be in line with the slogan "play your way" it would be better (the ideal) if we could control this variables in our own way. The final difficulty to establish the drop chance and so on could be calculated assessing each scale of variables.

    I actually enjoy the difficulty 7, but as Beezart, I would enjoy more fighting harder enemies without the durability lost. A thing i do sometimes is change the difficulty to +7 while hunting and reduce it while mining, but it is a bit tedious :confused:.

    This is a sophisticated system that in my opinion would be nice, but I understand that this system requires an effort which I don't know if everybody value as worthwhile ;).
  11. maybe not remove the durability loss, but to add a 7.5 level?
  12. I said add a Option to disable extra durability lost
  13. Might wanna read the rest of our posts, such as mine:
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  14. drop chance does not even increase much between difficulty 7 and difficulty 8
  15. We are not going to add another difficulty level nor add an option to opt out of the durability hit.

    as said, you are meant to do 8+ in a group. If you do not use a group, you will "pay a price" in durability.

    Players in groups are going to kill mobs much faster and not take as much durability hit from monsters.

    Then it really comes to bosses... No player should be able to solo a boss on difficulty 8+ with a single set of armor.

    The intent is to FORCE you to group for those. If we make them "easier" on the durability side, it reduces the necessity of a group. that then affects the loot pool of these bosses.

    So, in order to reduce the impact of durability, we would have to reduce the loot chances...

    That's just counter intuitive to everything we want about 8+ boss battles.
  16. Everything scales to difficulty, but for "common drops" then yes it does not give incredibly different items.

    But, now you mention it, I am going to adjust lucky drops in that regard to give higher chances for Diamonds etc on 8+

    But 8+ and loot really comes into play on Enraged and MiniBosses. The chances at receiving rare items is incredibly boosted at 8+, and near guaranteed on 10.
  17. Regardless of the extra drop chances some people would enjoy play against harder mobs without the durability lost. I don't think that without durability lost the game would be too easy necessarily. Imagine the final difficulty like a sum of different variables like enemy damage, heal rate and durability. If the enemy damage increase dramatically and the heal rate decrease as well the result can be a total difficulty harder than the actual level 8 of difficulty.

    Beezart is proposing an option to delete it, but i think that it is only possible if the one-scale system of difficulty is changed to other system with various variables like "durability lost", "enemy difficulty", "heal rate"and so on. The final drop chance and the general reward for killing would be calculated assessing the values chosen by the user in each variable.
  18. Agreed, a custom difficulty is actually a very good ideas.
  19. First, how many people in EMC are playing in difficulty 7+?
    Second, how many people in EMC are playing in a group?
    Third, why you want such a big gap between difficulty 7 and difficulty 8? Between easy and grind-y?
  20. I'm late to the thread, but whatever...

    Even though I do see the OP's point I also can't help wonder if having less armor also doesn't make it more difficult? I'm not trying to make fun of anyone here mind you; but what about self-applied restrictions to make things harder on yourself? You say that killing mobs with your diamond armor on difficulty 7 is too easy. So what happens if you switch from diamond to gold or iron armor? Or, as DatzMine also suggested: try to get your hands on voters gear, then I think difficulty 7 will definitely bring new challenges for you. Without the risk of loosing your armor or tools.

    Or maybe... difficulty 6 or 7 without armor? ;) Better stay clear of those mini bosses, otherwise they'll kill you with one blow :eek: Ok, that might be overdoing things a little but even so... I think there are still plenty of ways to make things harder on yourself.

    Got a cool powerful diamond sword with Unbreaking III and Sharpness V? Try switching to an iron sword with Unb. III and Sharpness III, that's bound to make it more difficult as well.

    Having fun isn't only about using whatever the game provides; it's often also about making your own game.

    Just my 2 cents mind you.
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