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  1. If someone can provide me video evidence of you fighting and defeating a wither boss on difficulty 10 I will pay you 10,000r :)
    This is a pretty hard thing to but it can be done.
    Here is my fight:

  2. Im having too much fun with difficulty changes :p
  3. i once killed a wither boss during an event of the road of withers and i killed one with a powerful bow but i died fighting the 2nd one
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  4. Did you notice that each time it hits you, it regenerates a little bit of health? Very entertaining to watch! If you had one more person helping, I think you could do it.
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  5. RIP in peace Sam's horse :(
  6. I love this video =)
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  7. You should spawn a load of passives first to distract the wither. Though just_five_fun's comment of re-gen may sap the passive as well...
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  8. Im not sure if he's actually sapping life from other mobs or just a natural regeneration like in vanilla, will have to see.
    Not sure how effective that is, I will just have to try it out.
  9. The API is set for them to target passive mobs as they're aggressive to all things. Lots of passives around means more targets that are not you for it to be busy with.
  10. Finally a use for all those pesky chickens!
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  11. how in the world did you get so many god apples?
  12. Haha, good idea. :p
  13. Anyone try this yet and can share my pain? :p
  14. I am not nearly as fast in the inventory as you are, I can already see that I would get my butt kicked. I think you should do another, it's a lot of fun to watch you struggle.:D
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  15. I am a big wuss, so I am going to try it underground. I will have to get the GUI mods you have, as will as the inventory mod.
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  16. So who can do it? :p
  17. Going to try this again tomorrow, anyone interested in tagging along?
  18. What did you use to record?
  19. What mods are you using for the armor/potions at the side of your screen?
  20. I believe once the wither targets the player, it will not change target unless it cannot target the player. So to use passives as a distraction, you'd have to have them closer to the wither at all times for them to take aggro before you do. It would at least take the small rapid blasts, even if the main blast was targeting the player.

    Though it may not do much on difficulty 10, you might want to use beacons for added combat bonus?

    If you really wanted to make it a lame fight, maybe trap the wither in a water filled blast chamber to dissipate the attacks, without the wither loosing you as target (or he'll teleport on top of you).

    Difficulty 10 totally messes with buffs, those apples didn't last very long. lol And that is one way to trash multiple sets of armor. lol

    Nice Sam, pure entertainment.
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