Different mail system?

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  1. What if the mail system worked out where you could send a friend just a simple text message without having to use a book? This might already be in use and i dont know how to do it so im sorry if thats the case :D Im like that.
  2. I agree :)
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  3. I'm sure that books were made free to mail just for these kind of situations :)
  4. Books are free, you can even send unwritten books so your friend could send the same one back with a different message.
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  5. This. You can send unsigned "Book & Quill" items as well, free of charge, so you can continually pass it back & forth.
  6. It is easier to just do "/mail send Ethy2O2 Hi! Oh, and I want to kill you" without the book and the book and quil might be signed so it is now ended.
  7. They are working on cross-server tells I believe, which would work in the exact same way, except with /tell instead of /mail.
  8. How about if the player is not online?
  9. Well, you could ask the player to send the book back and not sign it?

    Adding in messages w/o books is just going to be so limiting. Considering books aren't consumed AND can be mailed back for free, seems reasonable to use it for messaging?
  10. Try the /tell command :p for example, /tell aikar OhEmGee cud u make me mod pl0x and tankiez.