Dieing in SMP4 nether, help!

Discussion in 'Empire Help & Support' started by 1998golfer, Nov 6, 2012.

  1. Hi guys im stuck in the smp4 nether in lava, can somebody please come to my co-ords and fill the lava around me with dirt then clear it with a wall around it so i can survive? Thanks!
    PM me for the co-ords
    -1998golfer aka gearmaster08
  2. *cough* thoughtyouleftforever *coough* lol
  3. lol... i lasted 3 months xD
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  4. Please! Ive got full diamond armor and tons of tools and stuff with me! ill pay 500r for som1 to come save me!
  5. If you have dia armour, you'll survive.
  6. Not necessarily.
  7. No, im dieing... im in the MIDDLE of a LAVA POOL. please! someone help me.
  8. go to the nether, i will try and save you for 500r
  9. -_-. I do it for free.
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  10. you are not on the map
  11. you think i would stay logged on and die?
  12. Sharing the love. What goes around, comes around.
  13. i need to find you but how?
  14. Im sure if you have armor you can survive for at least (or most) 1 minute. If you have a lot of stackable blocks, start stacking your way up and when you get to the top, swim to the side and place a block so that it sticks out of the lava. Then stand on top of that and be stranded without burning. Remember, diamond armor is resistant to lava, but not fire.
  15. I can't really leave him there now can I? Thanks again Josh for helping me out in this exact situation.