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  1. I'm having a bit of an issue, and it's been happening over the course of three days, (ever since I moved from smp7). It's not a huge huge deal, but it is starting to bother me. My residence is on Smp3, address 7274. Wherever I place water, it freezes over and forms ice, which I either must destroy so that I can have water there instead, or I just leave it. I don't want ice on my res, I would like water for growing crops or for decorative/landscaping purposes. My question is, is this a bug? A glitch? Do I have to move addresses to a different lot in where the water won't freeze over, or can I change my game's settings so that it doesn't do this?
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  2. I suggest torchs, or put a roof over it.
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  3. Your new res is in a snow biome, which causes water to turn into ice. To prevent this, place a torch near the water source or place a block above the water source.
  4. Your res is in a tagia or tundra biome, sorry.
  5. Move your res, or place a light sorce near the water, a shelter over the water helps, too.
  6. Thank you very much for your replies. I'll try these new tricks immediately.
  7. Something I use (in addition to whats above) is putting glowstone under the water. It stops the problem of having torches everywhere.
  8. consider maybe making a glass sheet above your res. that should stop all ice from forming, but im not sure if glass works for that. i would test that with a 1 glass block over some ice at ground level.
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  9. Has it been suggested to Aikar/Justin that this could be disabled with a flag in the "Residence Update"? (which is one of the planned updates, I think?)
  10. Res is in a tundra biome. This is no glitch...
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  11. That should work. I was playing with making an automatic ice machine in single player, and covered the source water I didn't want freezing, with nothing more than a block of glass.
  12. Be able you have a Taiga Biome res, you can make an ice machine to farm with silk touch! Free Ice to sell! :D
  13. Be happy* (not able -.-)
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  17. You're in a winter biome, that's all. :)
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  19. #RichPeople

    It's been suggested before (a LONG time ago). I think Justin was working on it, but I don't know if there are any plans for fixes still in the works.
  20. Well, I don't want to put in the time or effort to learn/acquire the enchantment to get silk touch. I just want water, and all of these solutions are very helpful, but I think I'm just going to move to another res and hope I don't have the same problem (Yes, for me it is a problem..). Thank you for responding.