DiamondTreasure killed me and stole my stuff.

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  1. So, I was at the wilderness in SMP5, when Diamondtreasure started following me, I let him since there was noone else on. After a while he put lava under me, took my stuff after I died and disconnected from the server. Is there anything that can be done about this?
  2. Ummmmm, proof
  3. How in the name of all that's holy do you expect me to try to save my life and casually take a screenshot?
  4. that is what the server log is for. he placed lava, i died and he disconnected.
  5. Ok, please contact a mod?
  6. That Might be more helpful?
  7. This has happened to me at the start of my time playing..... there is no way to take a SS just contact a mod and they should have the logs, they did it with me :)
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    He sure doesn't use the forum any at all. That's weired in it's self.

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  9. There should be a log on people placing lava blocks.
    That would solve most of these problems.

    But contacting a Moderator about this would have been a better idea this is not where you report players.
  10. ... Indeed
  11. As far as I know, EMC doesn't have logs for every block placed. I could be misinformed, but that what I gathered. Mods might not be able to do anything if you don't have a screen shot, because they absolutely need proof before they ban people. If you're afraid of being griefed again, mash F2 like a madman. They might be able to find something in chat logs, though, or some other form of evidence. Be sure to send a mod a message through the site's private conversation feature.
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  12. I would contact a mod they seem to have logs or something hehe or Dark_Liz is just that good. ^_^

    (Dark_Liz saved me while I was getting killed just appeared outta no where and banned the guy very impressive and scary. lol)
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  13. [

    (Dark_Liz saved me while I was getting killed just appeared outta no where and banned the guy very impressive and scary. lol)[/quote]

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  14. At least i did it epicly :(
  15. There is no such thing as Block log at the EMC servers, i just asked JEREMY and i'm waiting for his answer, is something that's needed for an awesome server like this.
    For now the only protection we got is f2 and imgur.com :p
  16. There are plenty of people who don't use the forums.
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  17. even if you don't manage to take a screenshot, i think it's still good to let a mod know what's happened, because although they can't ban them without the evidence, they can take it into consideration in the future.
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  18. The reason for no block log is because it eats up the servers resources.
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  19. Just because they need to get paid we shouldnt have police officers?