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  1. woohoo i just found my first diamond on empire minecraft it took one week.
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  2. Nice
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  3. hurray, I'm sellin diamond ore on smp6 12085. I got 6 of em
  4. wow...How much an ore? I like them more than dia blocks...So pricing usually isnt a matter
  5. It took 1 week? I hope that's on and off and not one week of mining :D.
    Congrats anyway, the feeling of finding them is lovely.
  6. lol
    Can i sell u some for 200ea?
  7. nah
    I don't buy diamond ore.
  8. D1223m buys diamond ore at 199r each, SMP3
  9. sweet what #?
  10. Not to brag or anything (yes it is, lol) but I found diamonds the first day I was here. :cool:
  11. Baller
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  12. Wow I bought 6 diamond ore from somebody for 150r each! *Must have been lucky deal*
  13. Diamond ore goes for around 120 each, d1223m's diamond ore chest is full.
  14. Wow I was ripped off! I'm so going to d1223m's shop next time I want some ores!
  15. dude just buy a silk touch pick or fortune like i did and you dont have to buy it
  16. d1223m sell ores for 200 and buys them for 199, but its always full since 199 is a pretty high price
  17. I buy at 4005 SMP2 :)
  18. Oh so where are diamond ores sold for 120r?