Diamonds! I need all the diamonds!

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  1. Do you have diamonds? Well I need diamonds! I am buying diamonds, all the diamonds I can get for a certain project. I will be paying 2,000,000r+ for the amount of diamonds so start selling me them. :)

    I am only buying in increments of stacks at a time, at 4608r per stack(72r/diamond). If you are interested in taking my precious rupees please PM me on the site and we can work out a few deals.

    **If you prefer a mix of promo items and rupees I am sure we can work something out. ;)
  2. 72 is very cheap for diamonds from anyone with appreciable stock. I sold ~8 stacks for that price yesterday. I have ~10 stacks on sale for 73 each right now.
  3. Considering I am buying in bulk at around 9 double chests of diamonds I think that 72r per is perfectly fair.
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  4. You're free to think that, but bulk discounting is only preferable to a seller if there's uncertainty over his ability to sell his goods. There's no uncertainty associated with selling diamonds at ~75 rupees per, which is the average among large sellers (or, in my case, 73). Diamonds always sell at reasonable prices such as those.

    In fact, I just talked myself into raising my prices to 75 rupees per diamond.
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  5. Actually uncertainty (in the way you convey it) has nothing to do with bulk pricing, and there is virtually no way to connect the two. Bulk prices come from convenience and efficiency. It is much more efficient to sell it off in one transaction than to upkeep a shop that is competitive in a varying market. It takes a lot of cumulative time to maintain just a diamond chest. That time could be better spent on something else. "Losing" 15k here, but saving a huge amount of time could easily turn into making 15k+ in a fraction of the time spent on maintenance alone.

    Also there is no way I would pay even 70 for diamonds. That is beyond a ripoff IMO.
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  6. Uhh, I can sell things "in one transaction" at whatever price I want in this game. I don't have to charge less to be able to do so. It's no less convenient, efficient or quick to sell 100 diamonds for 7,500 rupees than it is to sell 100 diamonds for 7,200 rupees.

    I'd love to hear of a single shop that sells large quantities of diamonds for less than 70 rupees apiece. Even samsim thinks above 70 is reasonable. That's why he's seeking to buy diamonds at the discounted price of 72 rupees apiece.
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  7. You missed the point. It is easier and more time efficient to sell 10,000 diamonds at 72r per than to sell 10,000 diamonds over a long period of time. It takes a lot of time and effort to maintain a good shop, time that has been proven to be better spent on other economic activities. Same thing with auctions. Sure you can sell single enchanted items for more money over time, but it takes forever and is not efficient.
    I never said there was any.
    Source request. I am not sure when official standards were put into place.
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  8. not sure why any of this was brought up in the first place.....samsimx asked those who would sell their diamonds to him for a price he chose nothing more
  9. Like I said, diamonds always sell at the prices we're discussing. I doubt there are any large-quantity sellers who need the rupees so badly that they'll leap at a discount just to offload them. We'd rather let the free market run its course. And ultimately, passive selling requires the least amount of work.

    Source on 72 being discounted? Visit the major malls. Look at the shop price aggregation site. I sold my diamonds at 72-73 apiece for the past couple of weeks and couldn't keep them in stock for more than a day. I've sold almost 100,000 rupees worth of diamonds since I bought an Ore Buster earlier this week.
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  10. I don't get the fuss here....

    He wants x amount end of sentence.
  11. Given the history of diamond prices, I would not say that anything above 70 is normal for them, they average (not including the low dips) into the low 60s. The current price is likely just a fad, price changes are accelerated when large amounts of new players come onto the scene. Give those new players time to age, and then they will attempt to enter the diamond market, which leads to prices going back to their previous equilibrium point.
    I see two different statements here.

    Let's say that for every 3 minutes, you get one diamond. It also takes you about an hour (trip to the mine and back) to get back to your shop.

    If you were to restock your shop in stack quantities, it would you 252 minutes to make 4800r at 75r per. That is roughly 19.05 r/min. Now lets say that you were to mine 20 stacks of diamonds, and you sell them in one transaction at 70r per. That would take you 3900 minutes to make 89600 rupees. That is roughly 23r/min. So it is more efficient to sell in bulk at a cheaper price even without factoring in other sources of revenue.
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  12. Thank you jkjkjk for standing up for my pricing decision but this thread is getting a bit off of what it's serving to do and that is to buy those precious blue rocks! :) So let's drop the talk and PM me about selling some diamonds.
  13. You're incorrectly assuming that sellers are looking to unload their stock as quickly as possible again, which just isn't the case for diamonds and other high-demand items. For major sellers, getting rupees now versus a bit later is largely inconsequential. It's not like we earn interest on the rupees or even need them for capital expenditures. Personally, I'd rather have diamonds that don't sell so quickly, because the more people who come to my shop for diamonds, the more people there are to potentially buy the other items I sell. If I'm constantly out of diamonds, they may stop coming to my shop at all. This is the logic behind anonymouz710 buying diamonds from my shop at the same price she sells them for. Why else would she make zero margin trades?

    The fact is that the current prices are the present reality, aside from your subjective opinion of it. Why? Most likely that supplies are lower while demand has remained constant. Why lower supplies? Maybe fewer people are mining, or maybe the Wastelands are in need of a reset. I wouldn't call anything driven by rudimentary economic principles a "fad." This isn't some trendy stock, it's the sale of a limited resource. Plus, look at the price trajectory. If it is a supply-side issue, prices will only continue to rise. It would be in a seller's best interests to keep diamonds to be able to charge more as prices continue to grow.

    You're bending over backwards to try to make it sound like this is a great deal for a seller. Bulk discounting makes some sense in other circumstances, but not here. Diamond demand is outstripping diamond supply, especially with a 2 million rupee buy order out there; no seller should budge on their pricing.
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  14. would u just drop it.....samsimx has asked that everything be dropped due to being off topic (which everything being said is) he only wants to hear from those interested in selling diamonds to him now, nothing more. you are simply rambling on about something when it was never asked. so please just stop as you are making things worse after you were already asked to stop
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  15. Sam I'll sell you all my diamonds for 70r a piece :)
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  16. Bump, thanks to the people who have sold me diamonds! Halway to my goal of a DC of diamond blocks then I can start building! :)
  17. Bump, still need about a single chest of diamond blocks. I have money, promos and rare items for the diamonds. :)
  18. ill find u soon to talk with you
  19. Bump - progress has been halted at 10017 because I am out of diamonds :(